Things to Woot About : Francesca's + Coffee

Time for another 'Things to Woot About', amen?!

In posts like this I share some recent things I am raving over -- because we all have them,
and good things are meant to be shared with the world. :)
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+ Caribou Coffee. need I say more?! Man, that place. Sometimes I have a major love/hate relationship though because the nearest one is 30 minutes away from me. :( Which is GOOD for my wallet, but on the other hand REALLY depressing at times. Oh, and speaking of coffee I now am turning into a coffee drinker. (insert fireworks + all my coffee addict friends patting me on the back!) I have liked frappes and the once-in-a-blue-moon mocha for awhile, but now am actually wanting coffee coffee. And snickers lattes. Don't even get me going on those. #movingon

+ VLOG filming. wow, this was hilariously fun. :) The other day Chelsy and I filmed our VLOG,
and we are both really happy with how it turned out!! Cannnot WAIT to post it next week. 
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+ Fall. I feel super cliche talking about the fall leaves, but seriously, does it get anymore beautiful?!
Someone online was talking about God's ombre with the autumn colors, and I couldn't agree more. 

+ Dana Cunningham.. My Dad found her music awhile back, and this week I have been listening to
her a lot..wow, talk about calming melodies!! Love her style, and also her Christmas CD is an absolute favorite of mine.
 photo IMG_20141017_215500.jpg
+ Banquets with my bestie, Amanda, and other friends! Really enjoyed this the other night. Also, I am shamelessly obsessed with my new headband from Francesca's. It has been ridiculously long since I've been in that store, and last week I was at the mall and stumbled upon it again...which, is kinda bad because now I'm dying to go back again. :)
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+ Weddings. This weekend I am headed up to Wisconsin to photograph the wedding of David + Kayla, ahhh!! I literally got chills yesterday thinking about this..going to be such a beautiful day. 

+ Giveaways!! TOMORROW I am doing perhaps the biggest giveaway of my blog so far..and Rifle Paper Co. may just be involved, among other things. :) Get excited, people!!

have an awesome Thursday!!
~H. Elise
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  1. Loved this post!! Mmm Caribou Coffee sounds like an awesome place! So excited to see the VLOG!!! :) And your outfit + headband is so cute in the last photo!!

  2. beautiful little post. still can't believe we did a VLOG. (go us)
    looking forward to roadtripping together tomorrow!

  3. Love hair accessories!!! May have to try Francesca's.

  4. Love these "woot about" posts. And your outfit in that last picture! So perfect for fall :)


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