Guest Blogger Interview : Lindsey Plevyak

Awhile back I heard about Lindsey Plevyak via Cheyenne Schultz and started following her work..wow, just wow.
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She is super gifted and captures so much depth in her images.
Hopefully if I get back to North Carolina someday we can meet in person..
Lindsey has such a beautiful heart for the Lord, people, and photography,
and I just love how that resonates in her pictures.
Naturally I was so delighted when she agreed to do a guest interview on my blog!
Hope you all enjoy this, and be sure to go check out her site and start following her on instagram...
you won't regret it. :)

Can you tell me a little about you? 
I'm 25. Originally from Baltimore, MD, but I'm in and out of Charlotte, NC a decent bit these days. :) 

When did you first start taking pictures? I first started taking pictures my sophomore year of college. I took a b & w darkroom photography class for my art minor. I didn't really take it seriously until my junior year when I took a digital class-I felt like that's really when I started taking an interest in it. 
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What is in your camera bag? Ha nothing glamorous, that's for sure. I shoot primarily on a Canon 5 d mark II & a 50 mm lens. 
I do also have a 5d classic which I love. 

What fascinates you the most about photography? I think I am most captivated by it's ability to reveal so much about a person. 
I think if done right, we as photographers have really rare job in preserving certain moment. You can capture a person's entire every day life through images… I don't think any other type of a career can measure something to such a capacity. 
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Who or what inspires you? I'm inspired most by Jeremy Cowart, Steve McCurry & Esther Havens. I feel like they are more than just photographers. They are humanitarians. They care for people. That care and concern radiates through their images and I believe that's why they are so powerful. 

Do you have any tips for genuinely capturing people, or communicating with your subject when you shoot? I try my best to really capture the person in front of me. I think anyone can pose and of course, there are moments where posing and placement is necessary, but in order to create an image that truly embodies the person, sometimes that takes a little bit more dialogue, coaxing, sometimes even asking the subject to reflect on certain situations, or moment's in their own life- Often times I discover that when I am able to do that, the subject's facial tensing or natural tendencies in front of a camera will shift… You have to get the person pretty comfortable. It just takes time, intentionality and a bit of courage. 
Typically, the subject will respond to your sincerity.
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What has helped you narrow down your market and clientele over the last few years? Oh wow. I can honestly say I've tried to be incredibly intentional about not boxing myself in. I haven't limited myself as a wedding or lifestyle photographer, because that's not all that I do. I've photographed contract work for companies, I've photographed live bands, I have shot non profit work overseas. I try to be versatile. I don't want to limit myself. 
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Recently what has God been teaching you? To slow down. I am an incredibly driven person. Sometimes, (all the time) I take on way too much. I think for the last 3 years I've been going, moving, traveling constantly. Trying my best to work and build my career. But I haven't taken the time to rest and give my body the break that it needs. I recently had to have surgery on my back. And while it's been a trying process, both physically and emotionally, I'm learning that if I don't rest, the Lord will force me to rest. His plans will always trump my best effort. 
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What has been the most satisfying shoot you have done so far, and why? I think I would have to say the current project I'm working on. Since my back injury I've developed a great interest in others who suffer from chronic illness. I won't reveal too much but I'm currently working on a photo-journalistic piece with those who have chronic conditions. I think it's going to be very powerful when I finally release it. At least that's my prayer for the series. 
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We all feel burned out as photographers from time to time, so what motivates you to keep going? Despite my endless ups and downs and insecurities and so on… I am reminded of all the work I have accomplished, all the photos that have impacted a decent amount of lives and how many more photos I still need to create. The many moments that still lie before me. I think that keeps me going. Remembering where I've been, seeing how far I've come & knowing how much farther I still need to go. 
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Aside from shooting, what do you love doing in your free time? I love my home church, Elevation Church, in Charlotte NC. I am really involved with the church's outreach program. 
Serving others and helping those in need is probably the greatest joy of my heart. 
Due to my back injury, I've had to take a major back seat in serving. 
I am so looking forward to being able to be more involved again, hopefully soon. 
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For anyone just starting out in photography, what is your best piece of advice? I would tell someone to really search their heart as to why they are doing it and make sure they stick to that reason. There are so many days where you can feel like a small fish in a sea of people doing the same thing you are. You have to discover your own voice. Everyone imitates to some degree, we're all inspired by others so naturally our work will be influenced. But on the days where you feel overwhelmed or insecure, or you haven't made it or you'll never make it, ( cause those thoughts and fears are very real ) You're developed voice for your work is something that no one can take away from you. I think if any photographer can stick to that, 
their work will go even farther than they imagined. 
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hope you all have a beautiful weekend!

~H. Elise
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  1. Love this!! Lindsey has such a beautiful heart and I love getting to see her work & words displayed in more ways for more people to see!! :) BK

  2. I am privileged to know Lindsey and she is the best. God has given her an incredible gift - an eye to see things most of us don't see. Combine that gift with compassion, kindness and Lindsey's drive and the results are amazing. Lindsey is the best!! Jerry Sumner

  3. Wow. Thank you for introducing me to Lindsey's work! I can definitely feel the depth of her work as I look at her photos. So rich and honest. Absolutely beautiful.

    Thanks for sharing this interview!!

  4. These pictures are beautiful. Lindsey's work is absolutely inspiring as well as her servant's heart. :) Thanks so much for sharing, Hannah!

  5. Will definitely be following Lindsey! I love what she said about genuinely capturing an image of the person she's photographing.


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