Boho Blogtober : recap!!

Okay, so here is a brief recap of Boho Blogtober from last month..man, what a fabulous October! :)

Although it is definitely challenging to blog everyday, I love how it pushes me
[ haha, most of the time ;) ] and keeps things fresh on my site..and I loved how much you all interacted!! 

First off, I wanted to give out another shout-out to my stellar guest bloggers :

+ Allix Ruby
+ Emily Mitton (and if you didn't already hear, she had her baby a few weeks ago!! Ahh -- so precious!)
+ Jo Bekah
+ Irma of Prairie Blossom
+ Evangeline Renee

All of these ladies are super inspiring and I am so appreciative that they took the time to be a part of Boho Blogtober!

I'm curious though what was YOUR favorite post from last month -- there was a lot packed in!!
According to my stats, some of the top favorites were my brother's wedding, the VLOG
Emily's thoughts on preparing for marriage,  and the fall giveaway
I would really love your personal feedback though, so please take a second to comment and share your thoughts on what you enjoyed the most, and if you have any suggestions for the future! :)

Also, just a heads up that Chels and I will probably do Boho Blogtober again in 2015, 
although there is a really good chance we will be changing the month.
So exact same thing (blogging every weekday/giveaways/etc) just probably not in October.
We are talking about switching things up since that month is always a super packed time of year
for both of our schedules, and it would work better for our calendars to do it at a different time. :) 
Anyways, we will keep you all posted on that!!

A huge thank you for the super sweet feedback on our VLOG, and just your comments in general last month!!
You guys are so sweet and encouraging, and I was really blessed by everyone, as always.

And because every post is better with a picture, here is a favorite from my session the other night.
I don't want to think about how it was probably the last warm day of the year,
so I'm just going to soak up the sunlight in this image, blue skies, and the fact that I shot this without a coat on..haha. :)
 photo IMG_3483.jpg
Have a wonderful Wednesday!!

~H. Elise
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  1. thank you so much for doing this project, hannah! always SO blessed by the many posts and am excited to hear what the new month will be. :) a handful of favorites would be: the vlog, things to woot about, giveaway, erich + kari, irma's interview, david + kayla, score thrifty. and i'd better stop there, since that is way more than 1 favorite ;) thanks again for all the diligent work you poured into this! such an encouragement and bittersweet that its over :( much love!!

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