resolutions for November : personal

Well, I meant to have this post up last week buuuut life happens and I wasn't able to get it done,
therefore it got pushed into this week!! :)
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I honestly can't believe I made it through the last month and am still breathing..so much packed in.
And I am even more amazed that somehow I blogged every day (what?!) and miraculously fit in so many shoots.

Keeping it real as I look back at my October goals, I fell short.
Not because I wasn't busy -- I was going pretty much nonstop the entire month, 
and things haven't really slowed down yet for me.

I only worked out a couple times the entire month. School pictures didn't happen yet for my little brothers; I didn't forget about it but decided that it wasn't worth it to hurriedly try and fit them in. I wouldn't have been able to devote the time/artistry like I want to, so I'm pushing this to next spring. Made a little progress but didn't finish 'Love Does' yet. I did plan out editing (multiple times) and make headway in that, and delegate some things. (some, I'm a control freak -- I know it, and am working on that ;) And I did successfully shoot my last wedding of the year (major thanks to my best friend, Amanda, for all her assistance as a second shooter!!) So I didn't accomplish as much as I would have liked last month, but realistically with how much I was shooting/teaching piano lessons/editing/blogging/traveling/home life/etc. it's totally okay. :)

November is already well underway, but here are a couple life/business goals for the remainder of the month.
Keeping things simple! :)


do things that relax me. Given that this is my busiest work season, I am going to take breaks this month to do things like stitching, journaling, etc. I think one of the biggest struggles as an entrepreneur, (and especially when your office is in your bedroom) is feeling like you should 'always be working.' And sometimes it's easy to 'feel guilty' for doing normal life pleasures, when you shouldn't at all -- and breaks are good for you. Anyone else ever feel this way?! Plus taking time to rest keeps you sane and helps you be more productive when you are working. :)


weekly editing goals. Recently I've been realizing that having weekly goals with my editing is much more realistic than mapping things out for an entire month. This week I'm planning to complete 4 sessions which involves culling each one down, editing the final gallery images, exporting to my online gallery, and e-mailing the client. Here's to a productive week!!!

work more on 2014 client gifts. Already have done a lot of work with this (SO EXCITED!) but have more steps to do. Can't wait to share what I'm doing this year on the blog in the future, and be watching on Instagram for a potential sneak peek!! ;) See past gifts here and here.

I mentioned it several weeks ago on some social media but I am BOOKED for 2014, and am now scheduling sessions for spring of 2015.
I already have some shoots lined up for next April/May (which I am really blown away by) 
and also a heads up that I will be limiting my schedule more next year as far as photography goes.
So don't hesitate to e-mail me (hannah@hannaheliseblog.com) or send me a message through my contact form,
as I would love to photograph you and that would help me plan out my calendar in the coming months!! :)

hope you all have a beautiful week, and I will be sharing the Boho Blogtober recap later this week
along with a really unique guest blogger interview! can't wait. :)

~H. Elise
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  1. go hannah! :) ugh, yes, i definitely can relate to feeling guilty about taking breaks/resting and have not been doing that recently. thanks for the reminder to purposefully do that. always {love} seeing your client gifts!! i still am working on planning mine, but have a list of ideas going. that's on the list for me, too. :) all right - thanks for sharing! super excited to see the pictures from kayla's wedding - you did such a fabulous job. :) much love!!

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