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In the fall I threw around a lot of ideas when I was planning what to do for Christmas gifts for my clients.
Last year I did a photo frame, and for awhile thought I wanted to do something again that was 'photo-related.'
Anyways, while I was in the midst of different possibilities, 
my friend Allison mentioned that she was selling candles to benefit her church's Live Animal Christmas Play...
and I thought hmm, there's an option!

After I pondered it some more, I then determined that yes, I did want to go that route,
which turned out to be awesome!

In 2013 I wanted to simplify a lot of things in my life, and this was something that definitely helped accomplish that goal. :)
I really did enjoy making the photo frames for all my clients in 2012, 
but it was a lot more time-consuming with the various steps and crafting that took place.
And personally I think these were just as cute as any photo frame and the process was so fun!

I got to pick out the type of glass jar I wanted, the lid, and the scents!
The ones I picked were: Black Raspberry Vanilla, Pumpkin Creme Brulee, and Vanilla Bean Noel.
Oh goodness--I seriously wish I had a scratch-n-sniff option on the blog here because they smelled so insanely good.
While packaging them up I would repeatedly stop, unscrew a lid, and relish the scent. :P
One of my clients said they weren't sure if they should burn it or eat it..ha!
I would have to agree.
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Honestly having a homemade product to give someone means a little bit more than something you just picked up at a store,
plus the fact that these helped support the LACP was a double-win!
Our family went last year, and again this past December..such an incredible, God-honoring production.
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The tags I designed and had printed by Acilab..they rock! Love that company.
Orange elastic is via etsy..you guys know there had to be something orange on there, right?! :)
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left: my army of candles ready to go!
right: happy little paper bags ready to be delivered in the icy/snowy weather,
and I also mailed some out to clients that didn't live close enough for me to drive and deliver them.
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^Me, right after picking up the candles and freaking out because I couldn't get over how adorable they were!!
Absolutely loved them--thanks so much, Alli. :)

It also warmed my heart to hear that someone had lit their candle right after I delivered it--
I mean, how cozy is that?!
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Hope you enjoyed seeing a little behind-the-scenes, and happy friday, friends!!

~H. Elise

p.s. I do have a few extras of these candles..so there may be a giveaway coming sometime soon..
stay tuned! :)
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  1. Such a cute idea and those jars are adorable! :)You should definitely do a giveaway because her candles are the best!


  2. Love how you packaged them...woot for ACI!

  3. That is so nice that you give your clients gifts. Love the practicality and the packaging is adorable as always. I've never had/smelled a natural candle sounds awesome though.

  4. Neat idea! I love the tags! So cute! :)

  5. love this, hannah! pretty much adore how you bless your clients with gifts - they look fabulous :) and I shall never grow tired of alli's gorgeous writing - love it. :) blessings, friend!

  6. This is such a great idea Hannah! It's great to be able to simplify life while still making things pretty! I love the idea of giving your clients gifts :)

  7. loooooove.
    her candles are AMAZING yes!! I get to live with all those scents and an abundance more...isn't that cool? =)
    thanks for supporting the play like this...very cool!

  8. awwwww!!!!!! loved this post! You did such a fantastic job with the tags, etc. You are so thoughtful and I know your clients totally must have been blessed by your darling gifts.
    love ya girl!

  9. I loved seeing what you gave your clients this year. I think it is so sweet that you do that for them. The candles sound like they smell good. I think they would make me hungry though.


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