Anna : senior 2015 || iowa city, ia portrait photographer

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Last fall I got to do some senior pictures for the beautiful Anna --
I have known her for years, and had so much fun hanging out as we took these.
Especially loved her vision for the 'Belle/Beauty + the Beast' ones.
[ random sidenote -- do you know how hard it is to find dandelions on demand?!
We were trying to recreate this scene from the movie at the end of our shoot, 
and only found a whopping TWO dandelions.
Hilariously sad, oh well!! We tried. :) ]

Anna is such an amazing girl, and I'm super excited for her as she steps into a new season of life!
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 photo IMG_8749.jpg  photo IMG_8782.jpg  photo IMG_8794.jpg  photo IMG_8798.jpg  photo IMG_8855.jpg  photo IMG_8872.jpg
 photo IMG_8890.jpg
 photo IMG_8894.jpg
 photo IMG_8884.jpg
 photo IMG_8896.jpg  photo IMG_8909.jpg  photo IMG_8920.jpg  photo IMG_8928.jpg  photo IMG_8931.jpg  photo IMG_8945.jpg
 photo IMG_8964.jpg  photo IMG_8975.jpg
 photo IMG_8990.jpg
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 photo IMG_9050.jpg
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  1. Gorgeous!! You'd never know that those were the only two dandelions in the world. :) Loved everything about this shoot!

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