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I think one of my favorite things about this family is how connective they are.
Different families have their connecting points - for some it is laughter, board games, sarcasm,
chilling, etc, and for others -- like this one, it is touch.
I could group them together and they would just naturally pose themselves closer.
Really beautiful to see.

Something I have been thinking about lately is how we don't realize the value of a photograph until time passes.
Like we know they are important, but thinking back to the sessions I did last year
and how much the children have changed, makes me realize in a deeper way how important photography is.
Documenting the living, the right now...before that season changes.

Hope you all enjoy my favorites of Gary, Heather, Sophie, Atticus, Sina + Arlo,
and you can see their 2013 photos here (little Arlo has changed so much!!).
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"the only time anyone tells you to kiss is when you're getting married,
or when you're getting your picture taken by Hannah." -- Heather
hahaha, true.
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happy friday!!

Hannah Elise
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