2014 favorites : Part One

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I wanted to have this post up by the end of January, but life ended up being more busy than I anticipated.
So I apologize this is overdue, but better late than never!! :)
Decided to switch things up this year and am breaking my favorites into 3 parts.
Today is my favorite couple/wedding images, tomorrow is portraits, and Wednesday is family images!
Keep checking back each day to see them..this will be fun!!

I don't know how its possible, but my clients just get sweeter each year..
feeling really blessed and undeserving of the awesome people that hire me.
Hope you all enjoy today's post..I'm especially obsessed with the JOY that resonates in these photos.
happy Monday, friends!!

p.s. my calendar fills up quickly, so if you are interested in booking a session here 
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Would love to meet and photograph you!
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 photo IMG_0891.jpg  photo IMG_0917.jpg  photo IMG_0977.jpg  photo IMG_1131.jpg  photo IMG_1143.jpg
I don't know what the odds are for photographing 6 couples who celebrated 50 years of marriage,
but that happened last year for me!!
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Four couples, all friends -- celebrating 50 years!
And they were all married within a few weeks of each other..incredible. :)
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 photo IMG_1396.jpg
 photo IMG_1279.jpg photo IMG_2077.jpg  photo IMG_1872.jpg  photo IMG_2106.jpg  photo IMG_1113.jpg photo IMG_1528.jpg
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