2014 favorites : Part Two

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Welcome back to day two!!
[if you missed part one yesterday, click here

There is always something magical about taking a someone's portrait..and getting to focus on just one person.
To capture them at their best and show them how beautiful they really are.
Because deep down, we all struggle with insecurity at times..I know I do.

And I think that is honestly one of the best gifts we have as photographers --
to give people confidence through their pictures, and a tangible reminder of how God made them.
Fearfully and wonderfully.
 photo IMG_5188.jpg  photo IMG_3539.jpg photo IMG_6720.jpg  photo IMG_6671.jpg  photo IMG_5347.jpg  photo IMG_5377.jpg  photo IMG_7603.jpg  photo IMG_7783.jpg
 photo IMG_6634.jpg
 photo IMG_8691.jpg  photo IMG_7295.jpg  photo IMG_7305.jpg  photo IMG_6924.jpg  photo IMG_6938.jpg  photo IMG_3522.jpg photo IMG_9165.jpg
 photo IMG_9179.jpg
 photo IMG_9205.jpg  photo IMG_9587.jpg  photo IMG_0867.jpg
 photo IMG_1007.jpg
 photo IMG_0872.jpg photo IMG_7568.jpg  photo IMG_2780.jpg  photo IMG_2848.jpg
 photo IMG_1593.jpg
 photo IMG_3665.jpg  photo IMG_5735.jpg  photo IMG_5764.jpg  photo IMG_5766.jpg  photo IMG_7125.jpg  photo IMG_6802.jpg  photo IMG_6342.jpg  photo IMG_6384.jpg  photo IMG_6390.jpg  photo IMG_6399.jpg  photo IMG_6414.jpg  photo IMG_7026.jpg  photo IMG_7041.jpg
 photo IMG_3247.jpg
 photo IMG_7257.jpg photo IMG_7270.jpg  photo IMG_7280.jpg
 photo IMG_7224.jpg
 photo IMG_7454.jpg
 photo IMG_6015.jpg
 photo IMG_6091.jpg photo IMG_6133.jpg  photo IMG_7752.jpg photo IMG_8552.jpg  photo IMG_8747.jpg
 photo IMG_7853.jpg
 photo IMG_9413.jpg  photo IMG_9707.jpg  photo IMG_0730.jpg  photo IMG_0771.jpg  photo IMG_1062.jpg  photo IMG_2843.jpg  photo IMG_7106.jpg  photo IMG_7760.jpg  photo IMG_9541.jpg
 photo IMG_7522.jpg
 photo IMG_7905.jpg  photo IMG_7972.jpg
 photo IMG_6256.jpg
 photo IMG_8299.jpg  photo IMG_3053.jpg  photo IMG_3085.jpg photo IMG_7602.jpg photo IMG_3875.jpg  photo IMG_4131.jpg  photo IMG_7341.jpg  photo IMG_7391.jpg
 photo IMG_3205.jpg
 photo IMG_4193.jpg  photo IMG_4494.jpg  photo IMG_4554.jpg  photo IMG_4826.jpg  photo IMG_4969.jpg  photo IMG_6221.jpg
 photo IMG_3410.jpg
 photo IMG_3433.jpg
 photo IMG_7337.jpg  photo IMG_5756.jpg  photo IMG_7823.jpg  photo IMG_1213.jpg  photo IMG_0261.jpg  photo IMG_9502.jpg  photo IMG_2365.jpg  photo IMG_2692.jpg
 photo IMG_3237.jpg
 photo IMG_9470.jpg photo IMG_2923.jpg  photo IMG_3029.jpg  photo IMG_9575.jpg  photo IMG_8945.jpg
 photo IMG_6364.jpg
 photo IMG_9055.jpg  photo IMG_3240.jpg  photo IMG_3611.jpg  photo IMG_3820.jpg  photo IMG_4104.jpg
 photo IMG_0289.jpg
 photo IMG_5987.jpg  photo IMG_6006.jpg  photo IMG_6020.jpg  photo IMG_8882.jpg
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  1. Lovely. My favorites were the ones of Chelsy. (I'm slightly biased. 😉 I also loved the one of Amanda in the water. STELLAR!

  2. Lovely. My favorites were the ones of Chelsy. (I'm slightly biased. 😉 I also loved the one of Amanda in the water. STELLAR!


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