2014 favorites : Part Three

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Honestly, I'm kinda sad this is the last day to share my favorites from the year!! :(
It has been super fun to go back through all my sessions and highlight the pictures that especially resonate and epitomize my shooting style.
As I reflect back on 2014, like always, I am so grateful to YOU blog readers and others who follow my social media.
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Everyone is always so encouraging and supportive, and I seriously appreciate every comment!

It took me awhile to realize what my passion was with photography..
and about two years ago I found that it was families.
I adore all my shoots, but as an artist my family ones especially fill me up.
So in light of that, I do not apologize for the excessive amount of images in this post, haha!
[p.s. go see part one and part two, if you missed them!]

Oh, my heart.
 photo IMG_8008.jpg  photo IMG_8036.jpg  photo IMG_8041.jpg  photo IMG_6890.jpg  photo IMG_7075.jpg  photo IMG_7117.jpg  photo IMG_4060.jpg  photo IMG_4069.jpg  photo IMG_8656.jpg  photo IMG_8774.jpg  photo IMG_8797.jpg  photo IMG_8852.jpg  photo IMG_9469.jpg  photo IMG_9639.jpg  photo IMG_0088.jpg  photo IMG_0209.jpg  photo IMG_0263.jpg  photo IMG_0850.jpg  photo IMG_0992.jpg  photo IMG_8105.jpg  photo IMG_8189.jpg  photo IMG_8272.jpg  photo IMG_8363.jpg  photo IMG_8416.jpg  photo IMG_8420.jpg  photo IMG_1323.jpg  photo IMG_1540.jpg  photo IMG_4968.jpg  photo IMG_4991.jpg  photo IMG_5256.jpg  photo IMG_5333.jpg  photo IMG_3838.jpg  photo IMG_3848.jpg  photo IMG_3933.jpg  photo IMG_3647.jpg  photo IMG_3945.jpg  photo IMG_3960.jpg  photo IMG_3961.jpg  photo IMG_0823.jpg  photo IMG_0886.jpg  photo IMG_0956.jpg  photo IMG_0976.jpg  photo IMG_0990.jpg  photo IMG_1128.jpg  photo IMG_4016.jpg  photo IMG_4024.jpg  photo IMG_4032.jpg  photo IMG_6011.jpg  photo IMG_6032.jpg  photo IMG_6111.jpg  photo IMG_0405.jpg  photo IMG_0408.jpg  photo IMG_0418.jpg  photo IMG_0437.jpg  photo IMG_0474.jpg  photo IMG_0484.jpg  photo IMG_0492.jpg  photo IMG_8162.jpg  photo IMG_8014.jpg photo IMG_6727.jpg  photo IMG_6738.jpg  photo IMG_6786.jpg  photo IMG_6789.jpg  photo IMG_6906.jpg  photo IMG_1078.jpg  photo IMG_1093.jpg  photo IMG_1122.jpg  photo IMG_1178.jpg  photo IMG_1213.jpg  photo IMG_6921.jpg
 photo IMG_5565.jpg
 photo IMG_5575.jpg
 photo IMG_5667.jpg
 photo IMG_7111.jpg  photo IMG_7316.jpg  photo IMG_8134.jpg  photo IMG_8259.jpg  photo IMG_8288.jpg  photo IMG_5105.jpg  photo IMG_5115.jpg  photo IMG_5229.jpg  photo IMG_5260.jpg  photo IMG_9333.jpg  photo IMG_9497.jpg  photo IMG_0637.jpg  photo IMG_0602.jpg  photo IMG_0685.jpg  photo IMG_0539.jpg  photo IMG_0569.jpg  photo IMG_0580.jpg  photo IMG_0590.jpg  photo IMG_7072.jpg photo IMG_1175.jpg  photo IMG_1334.jpg  photo IMG_1364.jpg  photo IMG_8629.jpg  photo IMG_8631.jpg  photo IMG_8657.jpg  photo IMG_6991.jpg  photo IMG_7013.jpg  photo IMG_7065.jpg  photo IMG_8214.jpg  photo IMG_8197.jpg  photo IMG_8241.jpg
 photo IMG_7898.jpg  photo IMG_7936.jpg  photo IMG_8021.jpg  photo IMG_8035.jpg
 photo IMG_0593.jpg
 photo IMG_0608.jpg
 photo IMG_0640.jpg
 photo IMG_2367.jpg  photo IMG_2511.jpg  photo IMG_7508.jpg photo IMG_2609.jpg
 photo IMG_2685.jpg
 photo IMG_2569.jpg
 photo IMG_4903.jpg  photo IMG_5092.jpg  photo IMG_5166.jpg  photo IMG_5364.jpg  photo IMG_6141.jpg  photo IMG_6390.jpg  photo IMG_6389.jpg  photo IMG_6444.jpg  photo IMG_6595.jpg  photo IMG_7246.jpg photo IMG_7389.jpg
 photo IMG_7373.jpg photo IMG_7449.jpg  photo IMG_7498.jpg  photo IMG_0473.jpg  photo IMG_0564-Edit.jpg  photo IMG_8064.jpg photo IMG_8169.jpg
 photo IMG_8120.jpg
 photo IMG_8298.jpg  photo IMG_8384.jpg  photo IMG_9753.jpg  photo IMG_9772.jpg  photo IMG_9943.jpg  photo IMG_9977.jpg  photo IMG_8465.jpg  photo IMG_8523.jpg  photo IMG_8510.jpg  photo IMG_8557.jpg  photo IMG_8663.jpg  photo IMG_5448.jpg  photo IMG_5461.jpg  photo IMG_5530.jpg  photo IMG_5616.jpg  photo IMG_5377.jpg  photo IMG_5420.jpg  photo IMG_5472.jpg  photo IMG_9006.jpg  photo IMG_8770.jpg  photo IMG_9047.jpg  photo IMG_9148.jpg  photo IMG_9449.jpg  photo IMG_9838.jpg  photo IMG_9926-Edit.jpg  photo IMG_9392.jpg  photo IMG_0082.jpg  photo IMG_0205.jpg  photo IMG_0392.jpg  photo IMG_9217.jpg  photo IMG_9233.jpg  photo IMG_9253.jpg  photo IMG_0051.jpg  photo IMG_0060.jpg photo IMG_0108.jpg
 photo IMG_0097.jpg
 photo IMG_0718.jpg  photo IMG_0766.jpg photo IMG_0868.jpg
 photo IMG_0820.jpg
 photo IMG_1054.jpg  photo IMG_1604.jpg  photo IMG_1692.jpg  photo IMG_1949.jpg  photo IMG_1981.jpg  photo IMG_2012.jpg  photo IMG_2067.jpg  photo IMG_2161.jpg  photo IMG_2386.jpg  photo IMG_2476.jpg  photo IMG_2492.jpg  photo IMG_2553.jpg  photo IMG_3145.jpg photo IMG_3469.jpg
 photo IMG_3183.jpg
 photo IMG_3483.jpg  photo IMG_0172.jpg  photo IMG_0240.jpg  photo IMG_0257.jpg  photo IMG_5485.jpg  photo IMG_5574.jpg  photo IMG_5651.jpg  photo IMG_5773.jpg  photo IMG_3704.jpg  photo IMG_3701.jpg  photo IMG_3739.jpg  photo IMG_3748.jpg  photo IMG_3736.jpg
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  1. My new dream is to have you take family pictures for us someday! :)

  2. YOU CAN JUST FEEL THE LOVE through this post. you are so incredibly talented! congratulations on another year!


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