Nuss family : cedar rapids, ia family & children photographer

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Some of you may remember this sweet family I photographed a couple years back --
it was such a joy to do new pictures for them again this fall!
And they have a new little guy -- Charlie, who is the cutest. :)

We had glorious light the day we shot these..and that hill!! Ahh, so much win.
Enjoy my favorites of the beautiful Nuss family!
 photo IMG_9753.jpg  photo IMG_9766.jpg
 photo IMG_9731.jpg
 photo IMG_9793.jpg  photo IMG_9808.jpg  photo IMG_9847.jpg  photo IMG_9859.jpg  photo IMG_9871.jpg  photo IMG_9886.jpg  photo IMG_9901.jpg  photo IMG_9908.jpg
 photo IMG_9933.jpg
 photo IMG_9927.jpg photo IMG_9943.jpg  photo IMG_9962.jpg  photo IMG_9977.jpg  photo IMG_9996.jpg  photo IMG_0033.jpg  photo IMG_0047.jpg  photo IMG_0051-2.jpg  photo IMG_0063.jpg  photo IMG_0071.jpg  photo IMG_0089.jpg  photo IMG_0097-2.jpg  photo IMG_0108.jpg  photo IMG_0120.jpg  photo IMG_0137.jpg  photo IMG_0146.jpg  photo IMG_0162.jpg  photo IMG_0172.jpg  photo IMG_0180.jpg  photo IMG_0187.jpg  photo IMG_0194.jpg  photo IMG_0198.jpg  photo IMG_0224.jpg  photo IMG_0240-2.jpg  photo IMG_0255.jpg  photo IMG_0257-2.jpg  photo IMG_0266.jpg  photo IMG_0272.jpg  photo IMG_0292.jpg  photo IMG_0294.jpg
we were about done shooting and his eyes started watering as it got cold..that tear!
 photo IMG_6681.jpg
 photo IMG_6672.jpg  photo IMG_6674.jpg
and p.s. I think I'm going to start bringing iPhones to perk up babies during my sessions, haha!
 photo IMG_6711.jpg
Hannah Elise
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  1. Hannah, these are crazy good <3 Love the vibrant bokeh in the first set! The tear and iPhone pictures are precious, too.:) Super inspiring and love the colors in these!

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  3. Love these! I think my favourite thing about your photography is your style. Nothing is stiff or overly posed looking. Instead everything is so natural and candid. You do a great job of capturing people. Good work!

  4. You're just the best family photographer ever

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