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This fall my friend Caitlyn messaged me and said she knew I was full, but would I be able to make an opening for one more shoot?
She kind of wanted to get couple pictures done of her and Peter, and said I could take as long as I wanted to edit.
Well, with an offer like that I was instantly in. :)

I've known Caitlyn for awhile now, and always LOVE second shooting weddings with her.
Such an awesome girl, and there's just something about having a fellow photog
who is local to bounce ideas off of, hang out with in person, or shoot together!
She and Peter got married earlier this year and are hilarious.
Whenever I am with Caitlyn I'm laughing, so I knew this shoot would be super fun.
We started at an empty greenhouse..which at first I was bummed because there was no greenery.
But looking at the pictures we got I really adore the simplicity of it, and how the neutral tones and lines make them pop as the subjects.

And then we went downtown and basically FROZE!!
Seriously, it was so cold..thanks for rocking the weather you two.
Really excited to share my favorites from our time together!
Since I primarily photograph families, getting to focus on just a couple is always a treat for me.
I mean, I didn't have to motivate anyone with smarties -- what an idea! :)
 photo IMG_4118.jpg
^^ when this is one of the first pictures taken, you know its gonna be good. 
 photo IMG_4124.jpg
work it.
 photo IMG_4130.jpg  photo IMG_4150.jpg  photo IMG_4155.jpg  photo IMG_4170.jpg
man, I just loved playing with all the lines in there.
 photo IMG_4189.jpg  photo IMG_4194.jpg  photo IMG_4214.jpg  photo IMG_4235.jpg photo IMG_4248.jpg
 photo IMG_4245.jpg
 photo IMG_4276.jpg  photo IMG_4279.jpg  photo IMG_4287.jpg  photo IMG_4288.jpg  photo IMG_4289.jpg  photo IMG_4290.jpg  photo IMG_4302.jpg  photo IMG_4348.jpg  photo IMG_4357.jpg  photo IMG_4365.jpg  photo IMG_4387.jpg
such a gorgeous couple, right?! 
 photo IMG_4395.jpg  photo IMG_4406-2.jpg  photo IMG_4425.jpg
This alley was golden..we walked past it and I spotted the smoke.
Turning around to go shoot there was a wise decision..love how these turned out.
 photo IMG_4442.jpg  photo IMG_4447.jpg  photo IMG_4458.jpg  photo IMG_4472.jpg  photo IMG_4485-2.jpg  photo IMG_4526.jpg  photo IMG_4550.jpg  photo IMG_4599.jpg  photo IMG_4606.jpg  photo IMG_4617-2.jpg  photo IMG_4634.jpg
 photo IMG_4652.jpg
 photo IMG_4650-2.jpg photo IMG_4704.jpg  photo IMG_4707.jpg  photo IMG_4712.jpg  photo IMG_4750.jpg  photo IMG_4760.jpg  photo IMG_4769.jpg  photo IMG_4776.jpg  photo IMG_4792.jpg
 photo IMG_4836.jpg
 photo IMG_4835.jpg
 photo IMG_4822.jpg  photo IMG_4824.jpg  photo IMG_4830.jpg photo IMG_4841.jpg  photo IMG_4844.jpg  photo IMG_4872.jpg 
 photo IMG_4890.jpg
if you shoot downtown, you will get epic photobombs.
exhibit A:
 photo IMG_4901.jpg  photo IMG_4914.jpg  photo IMG_4916.jpg  photo IMG_4993.jpg  photo IMG_5015.jpg  photo IMG_5018.jpg
 photo IMG_5008.jpg
favorites anyone?!

Hannah Elise
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  1. Awesome pictures, Hannah!! So epic! :D

  2. the one on the BLUE STAIRS!!! their eyes...everything...that pic is AWESOME! actually I especially love all of the ones taken with stairs, like that cool spiral staircase too.
    I want those blue stairs at my house!! =)

  3. These locations are oh-so-fabulous and "Hannah". :) Looks like such a fun session -> and I'm adoring all of the textures, details, color, and genuine smiles. <3 #hannahdoesitagain ;)

  4. Wow! These are so neat! My grandparents owned a greenhouse and I worked there and NEVER would have thought to have a shoot in one! They are really cool! I defiantly like the ones in the greenhouse, in the alley, on the blue steps, the ones in front of the small glass windows(?), and the few in front of the grey/black background. :)

  5. Love them all. Don't know if I could pick a favorite. Hannah, you nailed it on these! :)

  6. These are killer. You did so good!!!

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