resolutions for January, some things to woot about + personal randomness.

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THEORY : if I buy myself a really pretty planner, maybe I will actually use it more. :)

Wow, 2015 here we go.

I'm trying to figure out where to start this post, since it is kind of a random assortment of topics..
but let me just start by saying I. LOVE. CHRISTMAS. BREAK.
I don't think I realized how much these recent slow days would be a balm to my soul.
After an extremely busy fall, having some breathing room and time to regroup has been a huge blessing.

I am looking forward to simplifying and having more structure in my life this year.
After a busy fall where I had sessions every week, (and sometimes multiple within a weekend!)
I have been reminding myself that I am only one person.
And in light of that I want to do a better job with scheduling fewer sessions so I can live life slower,
and have more time available to do other things that come up.
So, for each month this year I am going to set a certain number of shoots I will book for that month,
and keep it strictly to that for my sanity's sake, haha. :)

This post is kind of an odd assortment of topics..as I need to blog my monthly goals now that it is January,
and then I also have some personal pictures I felt like sharing/other recent woot-worthy items..
so thus the long title. :)
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In December my dear friend Amanda & I went on a day trip over to Von Maur + Scratch Cupcakery.
I haven't been in a department store like that in a long time, and it was so relaxing to just wander around 
looking at all their cool products.
(and hear the lady playing their baby grand piano! man, what a dream job!)
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Okay, so disclaimer -- I'm not really a big jewelry person..as most days I don't wear any,
and when I do then I typically stick with a few staple necklaces or bracelets and that's it.
BUT I recently found Flourish Leather through another instagram shop, and I am so obsessed with their products.
Actually beyond obsessed.
Their specialty is leather bracelets/cuffs, and I love how simple they are.
How comfortable they are. (I wear mine all day, basically every day)
How colorful they are. (they have so many different color options - gold, shimmery, solids, metallic, etc!)
The quality. Their brand/craftsmanship/delivery is fabulous.
And the leather itself smells amazing. I know that's kind of a minor detail, but I was talking about their bracelets with a friend and she commented "where can you get a bracelet that smells that good?!" Exactly. :)
Follow their instagram shop here, and then even better than that is their Flourish Flash account,
where every so often they do a flash sale.
Anyways, enough said -- go buy your own and then you'll understand my ranting. :)

And speaking of exciting things, my facebook page just reached 1,000 likes (and counting, I am blown away!) 
So grateful for the support from everyone. 

So this week I became 'one-of-those-people'.
You know the ones who buy a book the day it comes out in stores? Yep, I did it.
Actually it was kind of unintentional..I happened to be in town the day it came out,
and wanted to get a copy for my friend and one for myself.
And my local Barnes + Noble had it in stock -- WOOT!
The book was Make It Happen by Lara Casey.
Wow, so good.
Lara is such a trailblazer and encouragement, I already have been so challenged by this book.
Can't wait to read more..it is rocking my world!
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And speaking of making things happen, here are some goals for January!


+ get letters written. I am so behind on letter writing it's embarrassing. (insert monkey-hands-over-eyes-emoji) This month, now that I actually have free time again, it is going to get knocked out. 

+ take a week off from social media. It has been awhile since I've done this, so for one week here in January I'm going to be off facebook/twitter/instagram/etc. I will still answer e-mails, but want to step back from the other outlets.

+ get together with friends. I have some people on my list to hang out with, and am looking forward to that in the quiet winter days ahead! Yay!!


+ BLOG. I have a bazillion sessions yet to share -- sooooo behind!! This month I am going to blog like a banchee and also do a favorites of 2014 post..although I may do a different twist on this. We'll see..stay tuned! I also have a beautiful Wisconsin wedding to share very soon, woohoo!

+ taxes/paperwork. Every business has the mundane side of it, and so here's to completing this as fast as possible, haha. 

+ go through 'what worked and what didn't' in 2014. I have been doing this the past few years..reflecting on the last year of business and what went well, or didn't. Anything that didn't has be changed, and I am excited as I brainstorm for new things to incorporate with my photography here in 2015!! Yay for business meetings with yourself, right?! #selfemployed :)

+ new score thrifty. Last week, on the day after Christmas when everyone is storming Target and Kohl's, I spent 2 hours at my favorite goodwill. :) It was GLORIOUS. I found so many gems I literally debated getting a second cart!! So this calls for items to be photographed and a new post up about my favorite recent finds. 

+ start working on web/blog redesign. 2015 is going to be the year of a new blog/website design, cheers! 

Also, with a new year, I am looking ahead to travel plans as I get out and about in the coming days..
so I posted on Facebook about this, but feel free to e-mail me as well if you would definitely be interested 
in a session if I happened to be in your area. E-mail hannah@hannaheliseblog.com or send me a message through here!

A huge thanks to each of you, blog readers for following along with this little corner of the web!!
I am curious what YOUR favorite posts are on here, or what you would like to see more of in the coming months!
Please leave a comment and let me know your thoughts, whether you enjoy photo sessions, personal posts, 
photography tips, score thrifty, etc! :)

Hope you all are having a fabulous start to January!!

Hannah Elise
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  1. I say let's see that beautiful Wisconsin wedding!! #momofthebride

  2. Im so blessed to be the friend who got that book. =) Started reading it yesterday (officially reading it..I had sneak peeked before =)) and chapter #1 may just totally change my 2015, it was that good. LOVE. thank you so much!!
    As far as posts, weeeeell.....I am partial to weddings. =) And CAN.NOT wait to see David + Kayla's!!
    But other than that...all your stuff is awesome. Especially score thrifty's. =)
    And I loved that post you did about HOPE-would love to see more like that.
    miss you! please give the snow a kiss for me! *sniffles*

  3. So glad you've been able to have this efreshing, slower season, Hannah! Luv that picture of you + Amanda. Miss you girls! ♥ Those leather bracelets look pretty epic (+ fun to photograph :)) and that book looks super inspiring. My grandparents gave me a Barnes + Noble gift card and I searched high + low to find the copy that was supposedly in stock at the store, but will have to try again.:) Love these resolutions posts - catching up on letter-writing and a media challenge are two for me, too.:) Really love all of your posts, but a couple faves would be photography tips, Q+A, things to woot about, family photo sessions....and the list goes on.:) And eek, excited for your new design! Blessings ♥

  4. Hey Hannah :) I really like your blog! Also I have been getting into photography and enjoy all the tips that you have posted! Thanks for sharing :)

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