Oliver : lifestyle newborn || iowa city, ia family photographer

This session was kind of a dream come true, because I've always wanted to do one of these.
 photo cover.jpg
Awhile back I realized that photographing newborns with all the backgrounds/props/fluffy cushions
wasn't my forte, so when Carli e-mailed me about newborn pictures I was pretty upfront.
I explained that I don't do the 'typical' posed newborn shots, but if she was interested in a 'lifestyle' type of one 
at home I would love to do that.
I had seen these before (i.e. here) and always thought it would be really neat to do one.

Just simple and relaxed images, at home.
 photo IMG_5123.jpg
Naturally I was thrilled when she responded saying she loved the raw lifestyle/candid approach,
and wanted me to still do them!

If this family looks familiar it's because they are! :)
They modeled for my for my summer workshop (see those session photos here), and Carli was pregnant with Oliver then.
Due to some complications he ended up being born a few weeks early,
but thankfully my schedule worked out and we were able to fit pictures in when he was just 11 days old!!
These people are so sweet and fun to hang out with -- really love the Robison's.

The thing I adore about newborns (and remember from when my little brothers were born)
is how much life slows down, and how relaxed this session felt in general.
When I am photographing families we are working fast against the clock/lighting/etc.,
and with a sleepy new baby, you've got all the time in the world. :)
 photo IMG_5064.jpg
I have another lifestyle newborn session in January here, and would be thrilled shoot more like this in 2015!
So if you are interested please send me an e-mail (hannah@hannaheliseblog.com) 
or message me through here and I would be excited to chat more. :)
 photo IMG_5137.jpg
 photo IMG_5154.jpg
 photo IMG_5156.jpg
 photo IMG_5085.jpg
 photo IMG_5094.jpg
 photo IMG_5098.jpg
 photo IMG_5096.jpg photo IMG_5105-2.jpg  photo IMG_5115.jpg photo IMG_5161.jpg
 photo IMG_5160.jpg
 photo IMG_5165.jpg  photo IMG_5185.jpg  photo IMG_5202.jpg  photo IMG_5223.jpg  photo IMG_5229-2.jpg  photo IMG_5238.jpg  photo IMG_5249.jpg
 photo IMG_5257.jpg
 photo IMG_5253.jpg photo IMG_5260-2.jpg  photo IMG_5267.jpg  photo IMG_5272.jpg  photo IMG_5292-2.jpg
Random sidenote -- I knew I was glad to have bought the 35 mm 1.4,
but I was especially grateful for it since we shot all these indoors and were working with tighter spaces than my typical sessions.
I literally used that lens for almost every picture I took in this post, so obsessed with it.
 photo IMG_5269.jpg  photo IMG_5309.jpg  photo IMG_5315.jpg  photo IMG_5320.jpg  photo IMG_5332.jpg  photo IMG_5335.jpg  photo IMG_5340.jpg  photo IMG_5351.jpg  photo IMG_5356.jpg  photo IMG_5369.jpg  photo IMG_5377.jpg  photo IMG_5380.jpg
 photo IMG_5399.jpg
 photo IMG_5392.jpg photo IMG_5415-2.jpg
 photo IMG_5425.jpg
 photo IMG_5420-2.jpg  photo IMG_5434.jpg  photo IMG_5437.jpg  photo IMG_5439.jpg  photo IMG_5468.jpg
loving all three of their little hands in this image.
 photo IMG_5472.jpg
There is nothing quite like walking into someone's home, and seeing a whole wall of pictures that you took!!
Already printed and framed, made my heart swell so much.
 photo IMG_5485.jpg  photo IMG_5498.jpg  photo IMG_5499.jpg  photo IMG_5501.jpg  photo IMG_5509.jpg  photo IMG_5510.jpg
 photo IMG_5532.jpg
 photo IMG_5523.jpg
okay, hold it.
your camera can't handle me, I know. 
 photo IMG_5526.jpg
well, that escalated quickly. :)
 photo IMG_5528.jpg
 photo IMG_5668.jpg
 photo IMG_5546.jpg
 photo IMG_5635.jpg  photo IMG_5146.jpg  photo IMG_5643.jpg
 photo IMG_5651-1.jpg
 photo IMG_5683.jpg  photo IMG_5685.jpg  photo IMG_5695.jpg  photo IMG_5710.jpg  photo IMG_5729.jpg
 photo IMG_5742.jpg
 photo IMG_5735.jpg photo IMG_5750.jpg  photo IMG_5752.jpg  photo IMG_5768.jpg  photo IMG_5773.jpg
talk about a beautiful baby, right?!
and believe me, I held him for a loooong time when we were done. :)
 photo IMG_5782.jpg  photo IMG_5787.jpg
 photo IMG_5611.jpg
 photo IMG_5626.jpg
 photo IMG_5590.jpg
 photo IMG_5567.jpg
 photo IMG_5584.jpg
 photo IMG_5580.jpg
 photo IMG_5574-1.jpg
Hannah Elise
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  1. Love these photo's...they're simply amazing and so adorable!!!!!!

  2. Don't think these could be any more adorable, Hannah. This shoot is precious!!

  3. You did a wonderful job on this session! These pictures are beautiful and their kids are so cute.

  4. Oh my! These are PRECIOUS! <3 LOVE this style - the lighting, coloring, posing. <3

  5. Hannah! Talk about NAILING a session <333 Absolutely adoring the style of these and the colors. These people are fantastic + I'm so happy for them!

  6. okay, okay...I'm booking you RIGHT NOW to come do a shoot like this for me someday when I have kids.

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  9. These pics are simply adorable! This is my kind of photography! No wraps and props,just simple, amazing, pictures! You are amazing and I only hope to be half as good as you one day! Keep up the good work!
    In Christ,


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