portraits of the Shaw family : cedar rapids, ia family photographer

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This family is so sweet -- really enjoyed photographing them last fall,
and thankfully we got a gorgeous November day to shoot on!!
Jaime had found my work awhile back through Patrick,
and I was so excited to meet/photograph her beautiful family.

The love they have for each other really bleeds through their images..enjoy my favorites!!
 photo IMG_1003.jpg
Sebastian has THE most expressive eyebrows of any baby I've seen. :)
 photo IMG_1002.jpg
 photo IMG_1046.jpg  photo IMG_1052.jpg  photo IMG_1054-2.jpg  photo IMG_1065.jpg  photo IMG_1088.jpg  photo IMG_1096.jpg  photo IMG_1102.jpg  photo IMG_1110.jpg  photo IMG_1210.jpg  photo IMG_1220.jpg  photo IMG_1249.jpg  photo IMG_1258.jpg  photo IMG_1274.jpg  photo IMG_1281-2.jpg  photo IMG_1297.jpg  photo IMG_1304-2.jpg  photo IMG_1329.jpg  photo IMG_1352.jpg  photo IMG_1518.jpg  photo IMG_1529.jpg  photo IMG_1534.jpg  photo IMG_1604.jpg  photo IMG_1642.jpg  photo IMG_1654-2.jpg  photo IMG_1655.jpg  photo IMG_1692.jpg  photo IMG_1709.jpg  photo IMG_1738.jpg  photo IMG_1841.jpg  photo IMG_1869.jpg  photo IMG_1879.jpg  photo IMG_1897.jpg  photo IMG_1906.jpg  photo IMG_1923.jpg  photo IMG_1932.jpg  photo IMG_1949.jpg  photo IMG_1954.jpg  photo IMG_1961.jpg
I was so glad Jaime's parens were along and got to be in a few shots!!
 photo IMG_1979.jpg  photo IMG_1981-2.jpg  photo IMG_2012.jpg  photo IMG_2046.jpg  photo IMG_2058.jpg  photo IMG_2062.jpg  photo IMG_2067.jpg
H. Elise
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  1. That Baby! wow what big eyes, my favourite would be the photo near the end where they are walking along holding hands, and the one where the daughter is framed by the more grey bit of blue wall, beautiful!

  2. The raw, genuine, joyful expressions in these pictures = love <3 That one of the baby's toes is so precious, too. :)

  3. Oh these are so wonderful! I love all of the poses and the family seems so loving and sweet. Some of the best family pics I've seen. <3

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