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I am so excited to share this wedding--so beautiful and Christ-honoring!
But first, some of my favorite moments from the day...

After reading his letter, she folded it up and breathed--"He's perfect."
I went to retrieve Patrick's letter and bring it to Avery, and he had a gift sitting with it.
So I asked if I should take the gift with the letter, but he insisted that no, he wanted to give it to her in person.

They did a first look, but right before the ceremony wanted to pray without seeing each other..
so they stood back to back around a door.
She asked him to pray...he said, "do you want me to cry?"
He was able to do it, but it was so sweet.
On the dance floor towards the end of the reception, Avery's wrist-strap for her dress mostly ripped off
 all of a sudden...she responded with, "oh well!" and kept right on dancing. :)
The TOMS theme throughout the day.
If you remember from their engagement session Patrick gave her TOMS when he proposed,
and so she, all the bridesmaids, (and even the little flower girl!) wore them for the wedding.
 I have to give a huge shout-out to my amazing friend Amanda who second-shot
 this wedding with me, and I've included a few of her photos in this post. :)
She was such a huge help to me throughout the entire day,
and I could never have done it without her!
The Lord also brought so many answers to prayer--from it being overcast outside when we did portraits,
to the smallest details...and I drove home that night so grateful and with a full heart.
As a random side note--Avery was the first redhead I ever photographed,
and she and Patrick were also my first engagement session and wedding I shot..so fun! 

Patrick + Avery, thank you so much for trusting me to document such a milestone in your lives.
It was truly such a joy and privilege for me to be your photographer,
 and I hope that through these photos you will re-live every moment of your day.
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~H. Elise
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  1. These are absolutely lovely, Hannah and Amanda! The night silhouettes are my favorites. ;)

  2. Wow! These are great! What a beautiful wedding!

  3. Great job Hannah! First wedding right? The second to last one is AMAZING.

    1. thanks Kimberly! yes, my first wedding where I was the primary photographer. I had second-shot at several before this one, though. :)

  4. what can I say?! just beautiful!!! you go, girl!

  5. Oh so beautiful, Hannah! I especially love the night shots! :)

  6. Girl! You and Amanda totally killed it! So beautiful! Love it!

  7. So many awesome/adorable shots! I love it when a couples personalities shine through. You did a fantastic job capturing their special day!

  8. These are great! I ADORE the 2nd ring shot! :)

  9. Hannah, these are beautiful! Stunning images! You totally rocked the bridal-party-shots-in-parking-lot situation. :D And those last silhouettes -- breathtaking! Fabulous job, both of you!

  10. HAN! NAH! You knocked it out of the ballpark, ma'am. sososooo good.

  11. You totally captured Patrick and Avery to a "T". I love everyone of them! Can't wait to see them all.

  12. Oh Hannah - you did SUCH an amazing job! So proud of you, girl! Sounds like such a beautiful, blessed first wedding!! :)

  13. Congratulations Avery and Patrick! Yous guys are all gorgeous. And congrats to you too, Miss Hannah, on your first wedding shoot! From the photos, it looks like your a cool pro, though. Love the pictures of the couple reading the letter - totes preshy y'all. <3 LAE

  14. Such gorgeous frames, Hannah...and I probably say that on every one of your posts, but it's true! =) The detail shots pretty much blew me away - especially that stunning one of someone holding the invitation. <3 And the ones of the couple in the willow trees and the silhouettes are some more of my favs. Ah, they are seriously so blessed to have had you and Amanda document their special day. :) Blessings!!

  15. Avery is beautiful! I LOVE her shoes{I've got some silver like those with sparkles} and her dress! You did such a good job, Hannah!


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