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August came and went...fast, fun, and full.
I got home August 2 and left on the 6th to travel with the Bright Lights team for about two weeks..
we spent a day at the Creation Museum and a week each in Michigan and Ohio doing conferences!
so most photos in this August roundup were taken on that trip. :)
Haley and I being twinners for a conference day in Ohio.
You may remember Haley from the photos I took of her siblings here last year,
I was so thrilled she got to come along and help on this trip.
love her, love her heart.
 photo IMG_20130813_184155.jpg
Tia and I were the brave ones in the group and went on the new zipline at the creation museum.
 photo IMG_20130807_171748.jpg
Tia and I were also brave and tackled Walmart by ourselves buying food for the team...
yeah, that was an ordeal!
And we were also 'the cooks' for the week in Ohio...
quite the dynamic duo, she and I. :P
 photo IMG_20130808_133349.jpg
while shopping, I saw these:
 photo IMG_20130808_132204.jpg
and why  would you need to reclose them?!
sorry, that just blows my mind...
that there are actually people in the world who wouldn't consume them all in one sitting,
and need a recloseable lid.
moving on.
some Michigan cuteness.. :)
 photo IMG_20130818_182552.jpg
the church in Michigan that we stayed at had a ton of free books/movies they were getting rid of...
talk about re-living childhood!
virtual high-five to any other McGee and Me, BibleMan,
Adventures in Odyssey, or Last Chance Detective fans reading this.
 photo IMG_20130814_174741.jpg
it was so, so encouraging to see God working in the lives of all the girls and parents
that attended the conferences..
I was so blessed by each small group of girls I had, and all the people I met throughout those
two weeks traveling with the team...talk about rich fellowship, laughter and memories!
 photo IMG_20130819_231546.jpg
c'mon fall...keep coming.
 photo IMG_20130817_171100.jpg
the classic bathroom-mirror-travel-photo. :P
talk about awesome lighting/walls, though!
 photo IMG_20130818_150550.jpg
walking buddies. :)
Allison, Me, Anna, Haley.
 photo IMG_20130818_192655.jpg
epic old-school drinking fountain at the church.
 photo IMG_20130819_115606.jpg
if I am gone for an extended period of time, it calls for 2+ hr smoothie dates...
because how else are you going to catch up on life with your friend Amanda?! :)
 photo IMG_20130823_173100.jpg
One night I went on a pinning rampage after finding a ton of hilarious pins.
this was one of them...haha.
 photo IMG_20130824_132625.jpg
I just had these Indiana friends come visit me for a few days...such a blessing!
love them, and often I wish that so many of my friends didn't live so far away.
I guess that's what roadtrips are for. :)
 photo IMG_20130831_125958.jpg
after not seeing Chelsy & Allison for 3+ months, it was so awesome to catch up with them in person!
 photo IMG_20130825_164046.jpg
let's end with something drool-worthy, shall we?
world's best chocolate cake, hands down.
special ingredients include: sour cream, choc syrup, and coca cola.
if enough people are interested I'll post the recipe!
 photo IMG_20130804_150855.jpg
hope you all have a great week!
~H. Elise
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  1. Oh,I wish I knew you were I. Ohio I would have loved to of met you!!!
    Gasp!!! A zip line at the creation museum I must go visit that place again!

    1. Oh bummer! Would have loved to meet you as well, Blythe!

  2. I always love seeing your Instagrams, Hannah. :) Looks like you had a great month!

  3. Looks like you experienced quite a few things. Glad you enjoyed all of it. ;)

    I would be interested if you posted a recipe of that good-looking cake. :9 Yum-o!

  4. The zipline looks crazy fun... and I want that cake recipe! It looks divine!

  5. Oh yeah-amazing cake!That's the one ya'll brought when you were here for Sunday dinner earlier this year, pretty sure. I'm still just blown away at that secret ingredient. Coca cola? Who would've thought?
    Lovely times..loved all the photos. Everytime you do an instagram recap I tell myself
    "this is enough. I.need.to.get.one.of.those.phones."
    enough said. =) it will happen. =)
    after seeing all these conf pictures over the summer and nearly dying of wanting SO. BAD. to be with all of you...I'm so stoked that its just a month to go before we BOTH get to do a conference! woot woot!! =)

    1. the MN confs in October--yes!! coming up so soon. can't wait.


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