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I had been thinking it would be such a neat experience to document a birth, 
as I follow other photographers that have captured them.
So naturally I was really excited to get an e-mail from Greta saying she had this "crazy idea" 
about me taking pictures when their little girl arrived!

This was definitely way different than anything I had ever shot before, as you can't plan when baby will arrive (obviously). :)
So when her due date was close I started going to bed wondering if 'tonight' I'd get woken up by
a call at 3 a.m. and be driving to the hospital in the dark!
I was really praying about the timing of things as I live over an hour away,
and although Greta typically has had long labors with her other babies you never know how things will go.
So once I got notified that I should come to the hospital, I was driving and praying that I wouldn't miss the birth..
because I could still do photos right after baby had arrived but it's not quite the same as being there for the whole thing.
And I kid you not, I pulled into the hospital parking lot and right then saw Brad & Greta walking in the doors.
Talk about God-ordained timing.

Documenting a birth was just incredible..you can't really describe it with words.
I mean, you're walking into that hospital room knowing that you aren't walking back out until new life has arrived.
And that's a pretty mind-blowing reality.
Obviously the labor is very intense, but when their baby arrived it was all joy -- pure joy.
I still get chills and feel the adrenaline from that night when I look at these images.
I've photographed weddings where families are 'losing' their children, in a way, as they move onto married life..
But at this you aren't losing anyone, you are just gaining -- gaining a new person in your family!

Doesn't get much more raw, real + beautiful than this..welcome to the world, Liesl Faith.
Huge thank you to the Zude family for asking me to be a part of her story, and all photos are posted with permission.
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Hannah Elise
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  1. Oh Hannah. #bestillmyheart What a priceless joy to be able to capture these moments for this family! My favorites are when the sisters run in and are looking at their new baby sister. So incredibly precious. LOVE these. And praise the Lord that you were able to be there the whole time!

  2. These are priceless! So much love + joy in every photo. ♡
    So glad God worked it out that you could be there the whole time!

    1. P.s. when i have a baby, i *must* have a photographer there!! ;)

  3. These photographs really capture the whole range of emotion. The tension is practically palpable in the first few pictures!! Have you ever been present for a birth before?

    1. Aww thank you, Lauren! Praise the Lord. No this was my first time being at a birth, and first time photographing one. :)

  4. HANNAH.
    You killed it, girl. These pictures are so so SOOO precious. I am just in love. So glad you were able to do this-I told you you would be glad you did. =)

  5. LOVE THESE! I have only done one birth shoot before but it was by far one of my favorite shoots!!

  6. Awe, my favorits are the 26th picture and the last! I am (Lord willing ) going to be a CPM (Certified Professional Midwife) and help women in Africa! That had ALWAYS been my only future dream!


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