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I don't think I've ever done an official "outfit of the day" post before, so here we go. :)

Anyone else ever get frustrated when shopping for dresses and 90% of them are way shorter than you would ever wear?!
Seriously, I think our culture in general doesn't even know what a 'dress' is anymore.

But sometimes when I'm shopping I will find a dress/tunic/long top/whatever you want to call it,
and if I really like it...will just wear with skinny jeans instead!
This works great for events like a baby shower, grad party, etc where you want to look more 'formal'
but don't necessarily want to wear a skirt or dress.
I've also done this idea with a long peach tank top and just stacked it with a grey maxi skirt underneath.
Get creative and think outside the box!
You don't necessarily need to rule every clothing item out by just saying 'it's too short.' :)

This denim top with belt I found on clearance at Gap, and I think they were "technically" selling it as a dress.
I wished it was longer and debated on buying it, but I really loved the look..and PLUS it had pockets.
I mean, helloooooo awesomesauce.
Anytime a dress or skirt has pockets it just ranks up to 5 stars automatically, right?!
So I got it and just wear with colored pants/skinny jeans.

Mustard jeans -- Kohl's clearance
Necklace -- Coldwater Creek 
Headband -- Francesca's
Saltwater Sandals
 photo IMG_20150430_131703.jpg
p.s. for my hair I used THIS tutorial which I am obsessed with. I've seen other sock bun tutorials over the years and they were just too complicated and never worked so I would give up in defeat. Then recently someone on Facebook shared this one and it looked way more do-able so I tried it out. And it worked AWESOME! So if you're like me and have never found success with a good 'top bun' tutorial, give this one a shot. :)

Happy Thursday!!

Hannah Elise
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  1. totally agree about thinking outside of the box + pairing tunics/shorter dresses with skinnies-life saver ideas right there!!
    And speaking of skinnies...I WANT YOURS. =) #mustardfansunite
    Great post. =)

  2. that is loveliness personified! And you are BEAUTIFUL!!! Love your style so much. Yes.....skinnies. Did I tell you about the $80 pair of dark wash/stretch/so comfy you could live in them skinnies? That I found on Black Friday for like $19? Yeah, those under a short dress with a cardigan in winter are a comfy+warm DREAM!!! Ok. #endrant
    Allison B

  3. Great idea, Hannah! I'll keep that in mind the next time I go shopping. ;)

  4. Such a cute outfit, and I love that idea!

  5. You should do these outfit-of-the-day posts more often, girl! Your style is so fabulous. Love pairing skinny jeans with tunic dresses, too - my 'go-to outfit' is purple skinny jeans/denim tunic dress/peach scarf/boots or toms. It's super versatile + great for when I'm not sure how dressy/casual an event is going to be. A couple weeks ago I was able to wear it both to a choir practice/mini performance and also on a hiking/cliff-climbing/running adventure. #yesyoucanclimbcliffsinadress #thankstoskinnyjeans ;) And thanks again for those colored jean hand-me-downs - Han San hand-me-downs are basically the best evah. :)

  6. your outfit is adorable! i loooove it! and also, you are the cutest thing, and i reallyyy want your skinny jeans. (i'm usually not much of a "yellow" person, but those are super cute. ;)) you should do fashion posts more often. i love your style. ;) xx


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