the new Boho Blogtober!!

If you have been following my blog for awhile, you may remember the past couple years when Chelsy and I
have done Boho Blogtober -- an entire month of blogging.

Well after last year, we were discussing how October is always such a crazy time of year for us,
and talked about switching to another 'slower' month if we did this again.
We also determined to do a shorter time frame, as that is more manageable than tackling an entire month of blogging.
Honestly looking back, I have no idea how we managed to blog for an entire month..haha!

So, we are launching a new form of Boho Blogtober and calling it a "Ten Day Tandem"
where both of us will be posting every weekday from April 20 - May 1!!
 photo Tandem.jpg
This will be really fun, and I'm so excited for it. :)

On my blog here you can expect..

+ a new Score Thrifty
+ photo tips
+ giveaway 
+ featured guest blogger
+ an "outfit-of-the-day" post
+ and more!!!

So spread the word and get pumped because we're kicking things off on April 20th which is only about a week away! 

Also, I would love your input or questions for the Ten Day Tandem --
so please speak up (aka comment on this post) if you have ideas or photography questions for what I should post about. :)

have an awesome weekend!!

Hannah Elise

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  1. Eeek!!! This is so exciting!! :D I am looking forward to all your posts, especially photo tips!! Something I need more help in is editing. Would love to see some before and after photos and for you to explain a little at how you edited them. :)

  2. Maybe post a favorite recipe too :) I'm excited for these! Miss you Hannah!

  3. I’m going to be doing several little kid photoshoots this spring and would love to hear any posing/prop ideas you have!! Looking forward to the Ten-Day Tandem!! :)

  4. Yippee!! I'm SO excited! The kid photoshoot ideas that someone else suggested would be great, and also if you have any tips for getting clear, sharp images, (That's one of my favorite things about your photos!) I would be tickled! What photo-editing program do you use?

  5. Stuff about photo props, and have you ever done a shoot with older guys (a few of them).


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