april goals.

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Agh - I'm getting up this post up later than anticipated, so I'm going to keep things quick here and not go back 
through all my March goals to save time.

But I did want to mention a few recent highlights --

+ taking the Magic of Light course, SO so good.
+ photographing a birth, no words -- that was just incredible.
+ announcing my internship this summer, really excited about that. :) and p.s. if you missed the announcement, I still have room for a couple more girls and extended the application deadline to April 20th!! Click HERE for more info!
+ I just got new headshots taken, ahh!! I am working with an awesome gal on a new blog design as well, and am totally stoked about it. Huge thank you to my friend Caitlyn of Pink Flower Photography for taking these for me, here is a preview..
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for the rest of april here..


+ write one letter a week. In the past I've tried to write 'one letter a day' or knock out my whole pile in a month, and it has never happened. So Hannah, we're going to SIMPLIFY and set an attainable goal of just writing one. I think I can handle this. :)

+ piano studio recital. Some of you know that along with photography, I teach about 20 piano students and our spring recital is coming up!

+ start a new embroidery project. Whenever I make something with my hands it is so satisfying, and embroidery is my new obsession. :) Anyone else who stitches have a favorite place you get patterns/supplies?

+ enjoy spring. Hellooooooo favorite season of the year -- can the flowering trees/bushes stick around forever?! 
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+ order new business cards. I think I have less than 10 left, so this really needs to happen..haha.

+ work on new blog/website. Awesome things are ahead, cannot wait!!

+ photoshoot for spring girl models. This is happening very soon and I am thrilled about the sweet girls and the cute outfits they will be wearing..be watching on FB / Instagram for previews!

+ blog April 20-May 1 for the Ten Day Tandem. if you missed the announcement, click here or here for more info!!

Happy Monday!

Hannah Elise
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  1. Hey Hannah :)

    Would you be interested in sharing details about your piano recitals? I'm a music teacher as well (not piano though), and I'd love to hear how you organise recitals. They seem kind of difficult to organise, but I know performance is an important aspect of music.



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