MITTON FAMILY : Cedar Rapids, IA family photographer

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This session felt like such a dream to shoot.

I have known Emily for years now, and actually road-tripped with some friends to her wedding (see a recap of that HERE) and had been wanting to photograph her little family.
(because let's be real, they're pretty much the cutest ever)
And when I needed models for my internship, I messaged her knowing it was a long shot as they lived in Minnesota..but better to try and have the slim chance something COULD happen than not to try at all, right?! :)
When she messaged me back saying she thought it would work I pretty much freaked out,
and when I saw their outfits I freaked out a little bit more.
Obviously they are gorgeous people, but add to that the sweetest personalities + connection to each other,
plus killer locations to shoot at -- and I was in heaven.

Sometimes the stars just align almost too perfectly for a shoot, and this was definitely one of those times.
Thank you Ben, Emily + Cedric for driving 9 hours and totally killing this..
LOVED photographing you all and let's please do it again sometime?!

p.s. check out Emily's blog HERE + Instagram --> @EMITTON
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  1. Loved these! B.e.a.u.t.i.f.u.l.!!

  2. These are all SUPER!! Great work, Elise.
    ~ Rachel

  3. So insanely gorgeous, Hannah! (And it's quite tempting to be jealous of whoever got to hold that little cutie while the parents got their pictures done - what a precious little guy!)

  4. Well, seeing that that is our grandson, son and daughter in law, we have nothing but good to say. Just loved the pictures. Hope you don't mind that Cedric waving is now my new desktop. Super job!!!!!!

  5. O wow! wow! this is one of the most beautiful families EVER!

  6. This is just amazing.
    Definitely my favorite shoot you have done thus far.
    How can they be so GORGEOUS?!?! I mean seriously? Beautiful couple, beautiful baby, beautiful outfits, beautiful EVERYTHING.
    You NAILED it, sista. =) Awesome job. I just don't even have words for how incredible these photographs are!!!


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