NEESBY FAMILY : Iowa City, IA family + children photographer

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For my internship, it was fun to think about what age ranges of people/families
to model for the different shoots…as I desired a mix of things.
I knew I wanted one family with "older" kids, but also some with small children or babies as that adds a whole different level to family shoots..and I feel is super important to learn as a photographer!

So I was really thankful it worked out for the fabulous Nicole Neesby and her beautiful family --
Adam, Emmett + Gideon to be a part of that week in June!
I have known Nicole for awhile now, and just love being around her..one of her gifts is creating + curating community among women, and I really admire that.
Everyone who reads her blog or knows her in person would agree with me on this, such a fun lady! :)
And speaking of her blog, it is pretty much one of my favorites and you all have to go check it out,
and also be sure to connect with either of her Instagram accounts!

It was an absolutely gorgeous evening when we got to take these..
get ready for a whole-lotta-cuteness and chubby baby rolls. :)
And huge thank you again to the Neesby's for driving up to model and being so awesome to photograph!!
I adore how the joy and love they have for each other just radiates.
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 photo IMG_2640.jpg  photo IMG_2643.jpg  photo IMG_2651.jpg photo IMG_2713.jpg  photo IMG_2728.jpg  photo IMG_2748.jpg  photo IMG_2770.jpg  photo IMG_2804.jpg  photo IMG_2814.jpg  photo IMG_2833.jpg  photo IMG_2840.jpg  photo IMG_2858.jpg  photo IMG_2972-2.jpg  photo IMG_2980.jpg photo IMG_2987.jpg
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Seriously Nicole -- you are absolutely gorgeous.

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Hannah Elise
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  1. Oh my goodness. I have no words. Such BEAUTY!!
    LOVE this session. The Neesbys are incredible people for sure + I just love how you captured their sweet family!

  2. These are stunning, Hannah! It would be so cool if you could photograph my family someday. Your photography is beautiful.
    -Haley @ http://www.photography4jesus.blogspot.com/?zx=4dc294196553ac57

  3. LOVE. What a precious family. Adore the color scheme they chose, too. Fabulousness.

  4. These are stunningly beautiful!!! Absolutely LOVE the first one ... and, well, all of them! ;D

  5. Wow.I think these are some of the best portraits I have ever seen. I love the father son pictures and how the baby who could hardly stop watching the camera:) I think these would be great in a contest.


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