MICHAELA : Greensboro, NC Senior + Portrait Photographer

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Sometimes it blows my mind how God orchestrates the timing on things.
I have literally known Michaela since she was 7, and our families were in the same homeschool group together. 
Her family has moved around a bit, and recently ended up in North Carolina.
She e-mailed me earlier this year about possibly doing her pictures the next time I was in Nashville, 
but when the possibility came up of me going to NC to visit a friend, I asked if she would rather just do them there?!
It worked out better all around, and it was so fun to see her/her Mom again and catch up in person!
Never would have thought that 10 years after our first meeting I would end up taking her senior pictures
in North Carolina. :)

I really love these, definitely one of my favorite sessions I've done this year...and isn't she gorgeous?

If you are reading this and interested in a portrait or mentoring session the next time I'm in the south,
please send me a message HERE or e-mail, and I would love to chat more!

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  1. These are so rad. Love how creamy they are.

  2. These are simply beautiful! Lovin' the lighting!

  3. wow, these pictures are stunning! love them!

  4. wow, these pictures are stunning! love them!

  5. AHHH!! I have no words. These are beyond gorgeous.
    Killed it. Both of you...awesome photographer + awesome model girl. =)

  6. Well these are gorgeous! Her authenticity inspires me, as does your killer photography. :) Love!

  7. Keep coming back just to be inspired by these poses and this lighting! Stunning, and for sure your best senior session yet!


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