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Well I've totally dropped off the face of the earth here guys -- SORRY.

I've been running myself ragged lately + have had circles under my eyes to prove it..yikes.
No complimentary selfies to prove that fact. :)
It's been a hard fall..the hardest one of my life I think.
I've been walking through a lot of insecurity, fears, anxiety, and other stuff that has been super rough.
And add to that a crazy schedule with photo sessions, teaching 20 piano students each week,
orders flying around, deadlines and seeing too much midnight or 2 am nights, and other stuff it has been a legit struggle to keep my head above water.
I really try to stay positive on social media, but I'm just being real here.
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I'm looking forward to the joy of doing nothing, know what I mean? :)
I'm taking off this week and next from work; and I set up an auto-reply e-mail response (why have I never done this before?! I'm such a control freak, haha).
I get an e-mail newsletter from Abby Grace and she was saying recently --
"are you your own CEO? start acting like it!"
And I'm realizing I need to implement that concept more -- because it is true.
I push myself over the edge (and physically max my body out) with doing too much,
and in reality I need to run my life & work much better and stop trying to be super-woman and do everything.

I listened to a great webinar by Lara Casey & Emily Ley recently
and they were talking about how to have a joyful 2016.
And I'm really going to evaluate what I'm saying no to next year, and what I want to say yes to.
Nancy Ray said the other day, "TRUE success is obedience to God, period."
I've been thinking about my life and things I'm doing.
I want to do more soul-searching about how my life should look in 2016,
and then take the steps to make that happen.
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The song, "The Little Drummer Boy", has been sticking out to me lately.
"Come, they told me -- a newborn King to see.
Our finest gifts we bring, to lay before the King.
So, to honor Him -- when we come.
..I played my drum for Him, I played my best for Him.."
I don't know about you, but it is legit hard to keep going some days.
Some people on Facebook were sharing an article the other day about Linus
on the Christmas Peanuts movie,
and how he is always holding his "security blanket" until he drops it during the play practice when he erupts and is sharing what Christmas is all about.
You can read the article HERE, but the concept is profound.
The birth of Jesus is what separates us from our fears.
Sometimes I think "I can't do that, I can't do this", and feel trapped by fear.
But I'm realizing I don't need fear as my only option to keep me FROM doing something,
I need Jesus as the motivation TO do something.
You can't really repel something if you don't replace it.
I'm learning this…and how He is all the motivation I need.
Running the race to please Him.
Making the effort to honor Him.
Doing this action as an offering to Him.
Preaching at myself here..and I'm choosing to believe that He is mighty in me.
Regardless if I feel it or not.
Basing things NOT off feelings, and completely on the Truth..that is the place I desire to be.
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I'll blog some more in the future -- I have sessions to share, I need to post about what I did for my client gifts, etc..
and I will at some point.
Thanks for reading along, I hope you guys have a beautiful Christmas with your families.
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  1. Hannah, I don't know what's going on in your world, but I do know is that God is a Mighty Fortress, the righteous run to Him and are safe. God is not a God of confusion, but of peace. God takes great delight in you and has plans for you to have a prosperous future. God is able to do abundantly more than all that you can ever think or imagine. Cling to Him.

    Thank you for being honest here, Hannah. Whether you publicize it or not, don't try to hide the struggle behind a smile...it's something really important I'm learning in my own life right now. There will be people who love you and are more than eager to come alongside you with encouragement and prayers when you trust them with your burdens. <3

    Lord, I ask that you lay your hand upon Hannah today. Grant her a season of peace and renewal. Fill her heart with assurance of the hope and and freedom that comes with being among your children. Overwhelm her soul with contentment and joy in that she is exactly where you would have her in this moment, surrounded by just the right people, doing just the right thing in the right time. And if you mean for her to make a move in another direction, confirm to her that you are already there, you have already shone light on the path she must take, and you have fully qualified her to fulfill your calling on her life. Surround her with mature believers to pray for her, challenge her and be a fountain of wisdom from which she can be refreshed on the journey. Be honored in Hannah's life, Lord. Rejoice in her humble heart. Lead her in your steps. We do love you and praise you for who you are, our King eternal. Amen.

  2. "I need Jesus as the motivation to do something.
    I'm learning this…and how He is all the motivation I need."
    Thank you so much, friend, for your honesty. Definitely can relate to this post + have been convicted recently to be still & KNOW that He is God. How without Him I can do nothing (Jn 15). How a just man falls 7 times, but rises up again (Prov 24). Psalm 138 also encouraged my heart recently - how He strengthens with strength in the soul, revives, perfects that which concerns you, forsakes not the work of His hands, is so faithful. Love ya + praying that you'll have a super refreshing week. <3

    1. p.s. and no rush, but I am excited to see your client gift recap - you are pretty much the best gift giver evah. :) :)

  3. Truth, sista. Love your heart + raw honesty here.
    Love you + praying for you as we all continue to "run the race" to win the prize!

  4. Thanks for this post and mostly for the honesty. You have a lot of good truth packed into this post, thanks for sharing it.

  5. "And the peace of God which passeth all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus. "
    Philippians 4:7
    Keep your eyes on the Lord Hannah! He will never fail you!

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