500 POSTS.

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Guys -- this is my 500th blog post..can you believe that?!!
That is really crazy..how I've done that many posts on here and have been blogging for almost 5 years.
I started this site in the summer of 2011, and if you'd like a blast from the past you can see my first post HERE. :)
(sidenote, it's crazy that Emily Mitton took that photo of me and I ended up doing 
her family pictures last summer!! how God orchestrates the circle of life is just amazing)

Thank you all for reading along with this corner of the web..those who started following and supported me from before the beginning (like my family and specific friends),
and all who have joined since then.
I am humbled + appreciate that you care to follow along with my work, daily life, and sharing my heart.
Above all else I am grateful for the faithfulness of God that never fails + carries me through.

So in honor of 500 blog posts and also since today is my birthday,
I want to give away a $10 Caribou Coffee gift card for one of you to take a friend out for coffee! :)
Because there should be more Caribou all over the country…amen?!!


1) comment on this post and share what your favorite type of post is on my blog (i.e. photography, personal, score thrifty, goals, etc) OR share who you would take out for coffee and what you love about that person!!
You can do both if you would like. :)

Giveaway ends at midnight CST on Tuesday (January 26, 2016),
and a winner will be chosen and announced Wednesday morning on here!
** Edited to add, I originally had it to end tonight but I was just thinking 
I should allow more time on here so you have until tomorrow night! :)

One entry per person, open to U.S. and Canada residents only.
BIG SIDENOTE : If there isn't a Caribou near you, I will send you a Starbucks card. 
I just personally prefer the first option. :)
So don't freak out if you're not near a Caribou..you will still get coffee!!

Also a heads up that you can enter twice as I am giving away another gift card
on my Instagram account!! :)
Go over to @HannahElisePhotography and enter there if you haven't already!

happy Monday!!
(photo by Pink Flower Photography)
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  1. I love your post about your family life.

  2. Congratulations on your 500th blog post! You are a beautiful person on the inside as well as the outside. Love our pictures you captured for us last year! My most favorite posts would have to be your score thrifty ones!

  3. Yay!! I've loved following your blog, Hannah!
    I love seeing your photography, personal, tips, and score thrifty posts.
    I'm not sure if there is a Caribou near me, so I'd go for the Starbucks! ;)

  4. Hannah! I love your posts about your personal growth and whad God is showing you or how He is growing you. Those are always encouraging to me...but I really love reading your writings! If I win, I would take Bob on a coffee date. Mainly because our time together has been so short lately and I'd love to surprise him with a random coffee date on me!

  5. I enjoy all your posts... especially the photo heavy ones. :) and your monthly goal posts, it motivates and challenges me to set some achievable goals as well!
    I'm not sure yet who I would take out for coffee... there is no Caribou coffee here (alaska) but I would still prefer Caribou over Starbucks! I travel enough that I would make use of it in the not too distant future. :D

  6. Happy, happy birthday, Hannah! It's a tough decision to choose a very top favorite category of your posts, but the 4 that first come to mind are: client gifts, goals, things to woot about, family sessions. Thanks for hosting this giveaway - super thoughtful! Have a fabulous birthday today, friend. <3

  7. One of my favorite posts was with the dear family who had recently adopted....i also enjoy the normal, everyday lifestyle posts...
    & that gift card would just about cover a 3-some sisters date to Starbucks :))

  8. I love the score thrifty posts!! But I get excited every time you post, so just about any post is awesome!!

  9. I love your blog!! My favorite posts would have to be photography posts and score thrifty posts!! :)

  10. I love all your posts, dearie. But the personal + photography ones are the ones that really excite me. =)

  11. Happy birthday!! Have a wonderful time celebrating! Whoa! I didn't realize you've been blogging this long! I've always been inspired by your photography posts, though your personal updates have always warmed my heart as well.

    I would take my sweet friend Emily out to coffee. The distance between our homes is far and we haven't had a good heart to heart over steamy drinks since last April.

  12. I love your score thrifty posts 😍 but honestly I love all your posts! Your blog is fabulousπŸ‘Œ one I always keep up with! If I won the giftcard, I'd take my best friend... Mary😊

  13. I love your personal ones, and also your photography posts. I LOVE your talent!! I totally wish I lived closer and you could take my pictures :).

  14. Yeah I like em all!!! But personal and goals are super fun. But so are score thrifty and all your amazing sessions!!!!!

  15. Yeah! Congrats on 500 posts, Hannah! I love your Score Thrifty and Things to Woot About.

  16. You're posts are lovely, I really enjoy your personal ones. The sessions you do are also some of my favorites since through your blog I've seen you improve so much in photography from when you first started.. you are great at it!

  17. First off Happy Birthday!!! :) I love your photography posts and overall just love your style! Keep up the good work you are truly amazing. I hope to take some photography classes once I finish college to be able to take pictures like you. :)

  18. Happy birthday Hannah! Thanks for making our family photos special! Enjoy your photography posts... :)

  19. I dont usually dont try to attempt these types of giveaways...but decided to once I saw it was for a coffee card..(being honest here). My favorite posts are the second hand thrifting posts. Always find those interesting. :)

  20. I love all of your posts but I especially love the score thrifty & personal! Happy Birthday and Congrats on 500 posts! <3

  21. Congratulations on 500 posts! I always enjoy reading your blog, and browsing your photography. Keep it up & God bless! :)

  22. YAY!! Your photography and personal love following you on instagram! And I would take my friend Brooke I love her so much she has such a beautiful smile and sweet spirit and Loves God with all her heart! <3 And sadly I dont have a caribou near me. :(

  23. Happy Birthday Hannah! Congratulations on 500 post!!!!:) I always enjoy seeing all the pictures that you take, I think my favorite type of post you do though is either the Personal or the Score Thrifty.
    We must not have a caribou near us.:( I've never heard of it before. A friend only introduced me to Starbucks in October, which might have been a mistake.;) Next time I go on a trip I'll have to find a Caribou.;) We do have a Starbucks though, actually two nearby, and I'd really love to win. I'd probably take one of my friends for coffee sometime if I'd win.

  24. As I'm not a coffee drinker, I'll let someone else have the gift card. But congrats on your 500th post. I L.O.V.E your blog and your photography (in case I haven't mentioned that before). And if and when I get married (not in the near future as far as I can see), my dream wedding photographer is you...so, just a heads up. ;)

  25. I love every one of your blog posts πŸ˜†
    I would totally take my best friend (who happens to be my sista) out for Starbucks πŸ˜†
    Love your blog!!!!!


  26. Wow! 500 posts! That is a ton! :o
    I love every one of your posts, but I especially love your photography! It is so inspiring, you are so gifted with that ability!
    I would have my sister take me out, because I'm a little young yet to drive! :)
    Oh and, if I won, it would have to be Starbucks, because we don't have a Caribou coffee place around here. (This is the first time I've ever even heard about it! :)

  27. I would probably take one of my friends out for coffee to finally catch up! There always seems to be more friends to chat with than time to do it, so this would be really fun!! :)
    Happy birthday, Hannah!!

  28. Happy Birthday!! I love all your posts, but the photography ones are probably my favorite: your work inspires me so much! I would take my sister out for coffee, in celebration of her high school graduation. :)

  29. Congratulations on reaching 500 posts Hannah! My favorite types of posts are personal and the score thrifty ones. :D

  30. My favorite posts are without a doubt score thrifty!! Love reading your blog it gives me a glimpse into your life since we don't see each other near often enough :)


  31. Your score thrifty posts are definitely my favorite, mostly because you always find the coolest stuff and I downright stink at thrifting so it encourages me to try harder πŸ˜‚. I love you πŸ’“!!


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