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Wow, it's March already!!
I feel like I'm kind of coming to the surface after a crazy fall / December season
and lots of 'big' projects after Christmas still through February here.
I have a big-ish project to finish this week, but overall I've felt like I can breathe more 
now which is a welcome sight. :)

I feel bad that I didn't complete much with my lofty March goals..but I did have a lot of stuff on there.
And I guess it's better to aim for the stars and fall short than have no direction at all, right?! :)

Some things I did do were : finish memorizing Proverbs 4 & Romans 6, did some more blogging, went to a retreat (which was kind of like my goal of having a day set apart to seeking what God wants me to do this year..but not totally, so I still need to sit down and do that), and I did make a bunch of progress on my inbox (hands-in-air-emoji)!!

This is gonna be a FUN month on the blog guys -- get pumped!!

+ GIVEAWAYS -- there will be THREE giveaways (yes, three!!!) on my blog this month. Get excited and keep checking back for these!! First one will be up this Friday! 

+ NEW BLOG SERIES -- I have been wanting to start this one for awhile and it's gonna happen this month. Bring it on!!

+ SPRING IS COMING --  I'm kind of getting over the fact that it hasn't felt very 'winter' or I haven't had much dead winter time with my business, and am getting reconciled to the idea of spring coming. I love spring. And where I live it is absolutely beautiful. <3

+ THE NEW HILLSONG YOUNG + FREE ALBUM -- Oh. My word. CAN'T EVEN HANDLE IT. It's amazing how one new record of music can totally make your WEEK. Seriously. This album is my JAM right now and totally just gets me. Some of my top favorite songs on there are : Real Love, Trust, When the Fight Calls -- which you HAVE to go listen to that last one HERE, guys. My anthem. 

+ CEREAL. I know this is kind of lame, but can we just talk for a second about how Berry Collosal Crunch doesn't get soggy right away in milk like other cereals?! Like FORREAL..they're doing it right.

Some goals here for March..


+ Blog 2015 recap in B+W images and color images. Behind on this..gonna happen.

+ Think/pray through the direction of my business/jobs/life this year.

+ Inbox down to zero. Yes..this needs to happen. I made a TON of progress with this one night and was going through my inbox with a machete, haha! Also, I'm behind on text messages..which sounds stupid to mention but seriously, does anyone else feel like life is just a lot to keep up with at times?!! Sometimes I just wanna throw my phone out the window and never see it again..haha. :) It's easy to feel so bombarded by different social media/messaging stuff to keep up with. Recently I took a week off of Facebook and it was so FREEING. I don't know why I feel like I need to try and "keep up" with everything out there. 

+ Do some work on my website. I need to do some updates with this.

+ Take time off. With how drawn out things have been recently I just need some personal time to not have anything on my plate photography-related. Part of me wants to jump back in with shoots here but I know ultimately I need to wait. I might do a couple things this month but just want to take some time off because that would be best for me.


+ Memorize 1 Corinthians 15. I don't know that I'll finish this, but I really wanna try and get it down..because why not?! I loved memorizing the couple chapters I just finished in February. Seriously, start picking chapters for yourself and memorize them!! Like what better thing to do and have in your mind?! Super great to be doing. I remember parts of 1 Corinthians 15 from when someone else quoted it awhile back and think it would be awesome with Easter coming up. 

+ Workout 3x a week. I think this will be my goal...for now.

+ Finish reading Unstuck. This book has been really good so far..it was recommended at a retreat I went to and I am looking forward to finishing it + gleaning more wisdom. It helps expose your flesh and how your sin nature WANTS to be in slavery..but you need to wake up with a death sentence for your flesh each day. Something else I have really loved in it so far was the point about how we think we're supposed to "start" something in ourselves, and then later on the Holy Spirit will take it from there. When the reality is I can never change myself..not matter how hard I try or quote Scripture at myself, or give myself mental pep talks. I need to put my hands up and let Him start the work of change in me. And it's really amazing to see that happen, guys. I've been realizing that this week in a beautiful + humbling way. When I've done that I've seen Him incredibly change my heart. It's ridiculous to think of a little baby trying to change their own diaper..so why do I fight so hard to do the same with my own spiritual struggles? When I came to Christ for salvation I believed that nothing I could do could get me into Heaven on my own, but somehow I think I can do this spiritual life thing on my own?! I have been striving too hard to do life with my own ability or thinking if I just do x, y & z in my spiritual life it will work. Getting back to that same place of dependence and acknowledging that I can't do it. No, I need Him to change the core of who I am. What I try to do with my own abilities is ineffective. No, I have to first be letting the Holy Spirit BEGIN that work of change in me and then submit to that, take the steps to follow and He will carry it to completion (Phil. 1:6). Pure glory in seeing Him change me.

+ Do some more embroidery / pursue other creative outlets. I'm realizing I need some new things to focus my energy on as an artist..and want to channel my efforts that way a bit. Whether it's piano stuff, embroidery, maybe calligraphy/handwriting -- I want to try some new things.

+ Simplify, simplify. I'm realizing how I need to be so much more eternally minded about everything. Life gets way too much hype and so much is insignificant in the grand scheme of things. If I am really living for eternity then why am I concerned about the stuff I own or things I want to buy? Like that doesn't even matter! I need to be a lot more concerned about how I spend my time/relationships/efforts in light of eternity and how that should effect my living. Something I've been convicted on that recently. I just unfollowed a bunch of accounts on Instagram that I didn't care about..way more stream-lined to feeds I actually want to see. I want to get rid of actual stuff. Clear the clutter in my life. I mean, why does it really matter to 'own' all these items if someday it won't even matter? I was at a garage sale the other day and you know, if you think about how someday other people will own all the 'items' you accumulate in your lifetime..why does that stuff even matter?! It's just stuff. Fluff. Yes, I love thrifting and goodwill and all, but I don't want to be as concerned about it. I want to clear things out of the way so that I can have my values in a better place and live simplified for Christ.

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What are your goals for March?
Thanks for following along, guys!!
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  1. Good stuff, Hannah. :)
    Looking forward to your giveaways + blog updates/changes and new blog series.
    Love reading your goals.

  2. Sounds like some pretty awesome goals! I like to reach for the stars too (when is comes to setting my monthly goals!). And, if I don't get them all done I try not to fret over it!
    One of my goals is to work out 3x a week as well... it's been hard for me to fit those in lately, and it doesn't help that I have been lacking motivation either!
    Thanks for sharing your goals- I hope you have a wonderful March!
    Rebekah Joy

  3. Try embroidery on greeting cards using cardstock!

    So fun, so easy, so quick!

    And uniquely homemade!

    Stand fast in the Lord!


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