KULBARTZ FAMILY : Iowa City, IA Family + Portrait Photographer

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Recently when I have been talking to people about my photography business I comment about all
the amazing people I have met through it..and how I feel really blessed by that.

Yes, the business side of working for yourself can be a lot to stay on top of + a lot of work,
but these friendships -- they totally make everything worth it.
I have SO many awesome people I have been blessed to know, work with
and become friends with by doing photography.
I am undeserving.

I'm super blessed to know Marci and her sweet family..and have been photographing them for several years now!!
See their past sessions HERE + HERE.
It's so fun having a local good friend who is a fellow artist and enjoys the same things as I do.
Love this family.
Enjoy my favorites from their 2015 shoot!!

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 photo IMG_9632.jpg  photo IMG_9638.jpg
 photo IMG_9643.jpg
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 photo IMG_9684.jpg  photo IMG_9699.jpg  photo IMG_9701.jpg
 photo IMG_9765.jpg
 photo IMG_9747.jpg  photo IMG_9761.jpg  photo IMG_9768.jpg
 photo IMG_9775.jpg
 photo IMG_9728.jpg
 photo IMG_9799.jpg
 photo IMG_9829.jpg
 photo IMG_9837.jpg  photo IMG_9905.jpg  photo IMG_9918.jpg  photo IMG_9921-2.jpg  photo IMG_9922.jpg  photo IMG_9946.jpg  photo IMG_9957.jpg
I just love these motherhood ones..
 photo IMG_9960.jpg  photo IMG_9963.jpg  photo IMG_0009.jpg  photo IMG_0020.jpg  photo IMG_0024.jpg  photo IMG_0057.jpg  photo IMG_0061.jpg  photo IMG_0064.jpg
 photo IMG_0076.jpg  photo IMG_0085.jpg
 photo IMG_0098.jpg
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 photo IMG_0117.jpg  photo IMG_0138.jpg  photo IMG_0161.jpg  photo IMG_0185.jpg photo IMG_0193.jpg
 photo IMG_0192.jpg
 photo IMG_0203.jpg
 photo IMG_0199.jpg photo IMG_0212.jpg  photo IMG_0228-2.jpg  photo IMG_0235.jpg  photo IMG_0239.jpg  photo IMG_0256.jpg
 photo IMG_0272-2.jpg
 photo IMG_0287.jpg
 photo IMG_0289-2.jpg
 photo IMG_0345.jpg  photo IMG_0348-2.jpg  photo IMG_0393.jpg  photo IMG_0408.jpg  photo IMG_0430.jpg  photo IMG_0464.jpg
 photo IMG_0588.jpg
 photo IMG_0550.jpg  photo IMG_0556.jpg
 photo IMG_0570-2.jpg photo IMG_0597.jpg  photo IMG_0654.jpg  photo IMG_0665.jpg  photo IMG_0682.jpg photo IMG_0706.jpg
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  1. Lovely, how long does a session normally go for? It looks like you had a lot of locations!

    1. Thanks! And up to 1-2 hours..I think this was around an hour and 45 mins.

  2. such beautiful colors! I love the black and white mother daughter photos! <3

  3. These are precious! Love the lighting, outfits, locations, poses. Beautiful job. ♡

  4. These make my heart just melt, Hannah. You capture tender father- and motherhood in such a beautiful, beautiful way... !

  5. YOU INCLUDED A CAT!!! seriously . . . #love


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