randomness from this week..

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wow what a whirlwind!
so much happening this week.
It feels kind of weird because so many kids/college students are just getting done with school
 and have a slower pace for the summer now, and my 'busy season' is just beginning--eek!
I keep trying to remind myself it won't slow down and from now on
 the summer will be jam-packed and the fall crazy as well.
Seriously though, it was so nice to have such a long break for so long this winter/spring...
I needed it and am so excited for everything else the rest of the year,
even though it will be challenging to stay on top of everything! :P
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so excited to celebrate the graduation of these girls--Johanna and Amanda tonight!
they decided to do a combined open house and it is actually Amanda's birthday today too, so that makes things extra fun. :)
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My summer plans are coming together even more as of this week, praise the Lord...
still finalizing things with that but will definitely post my travel plans in a later post..the future is exciting!

some other random side-notes:
+some of my favorite photographers, The Schultzes are doing a free webinar next Thursday night!
Be sure to register and submit questions--so fun!
+loving the message in this song this week
+I'm totally obsessed with this session...can't wait to blog it!!
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 photo IMG_3210.jpg  photo IMG_2936.jpg
what are your weekend plans?
hope everyone has an awesome Friday!
~H. Elise
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  1. Your pictures are SO gorgeous, Hannah!! Seriously, girl, you are blessed with such an ah-mazing gift of photography! :) Looking forward to seeing more pictures from that beautiful session (+ your travel plans ;). That last picture is especially stunning and precious. Love the gorgeous spring colors. :) Blessings, Hannah friend!

    {p.s.} and thanks for your comment :)

  2. wow hannah. it truly IS Mr. Thornton...ALL THE WAY! what a likeness....
    {is this even POSSIBLE?}
    love to you dear..

  3. LOVE that last picture. The colors in it are incredible!
    Let's see, weekend plans involve getting ready for my party and going to a graduation party. Nothing super exciting:)

    Hope you have a great weekend!
    Oh, and thanks for the info about the webinar. I will definitely be checking it out!

  4. It sounds like you're already busy! :) I can't wait to see those pictures from your latest session! Oh and miss you!!! :)

  5. I love your "week randomness" :) Yay, I am so excited for the future too!

  6. Love the randomness:) can't wait to see the latest session. Hopefully this season you get as many clients and more this summer-if that's what you want:)


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