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recently I was down in Franklin, TN and was so grateful to be able to do a
mentorship session with the fabulous Ariel Renae.
[go click that link and be blown away by her work, do it]
I found her through pinterest earlier this year and was excited when I found
that she lives near my brother down there in Tennessee, and even more excited
that I was able to schedule a mentorship session with her!
I was so encouraged and inspired from watching her shoot and asking questions--
photography is such a powerful art and being passionate about the images you
are creating and making your business you is so important.
When I met with her she took some pictures of me, and although it feels really weird
to be blogging pictures of yourself, I rarely get on the other side of the lens
and I totally love Ariel's work and these photos...
so I picked out a few of my favorites to share today. :)
hope you all are having an awesome start to your summer!
 photo hs_lifestyle-108.jpg  photo hs_lifestyle-110.jpg  photo hs_lifestyle-109.jpg  photo hs_lifestyle-107.jpg
 photo 2.jpg
 photo hs_lifestyle-132.jpg  photo hs_lifestyle-bnw-136.jpg  photo hs_lifestyle-138.jpg
 photo hs_lifestyle-142.jpg
 photo hs_lifestyle-139.jpg
 photo 1.jpg
 photo hs_lifestyle-147.jpg  photo hs_lifestyle-149.jpg  photo hs_lifestyle-150.jpg  photo hs_lifestyle-bnw-151.jpg  photo hs_lifestyle-152.jpg
p.s. how cute is this doll, Evie?!
this frame is from one of my shoots last week...more to come!
 photo BRENNA-1.jpg
 happy Monday!

~H. Elise
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  1. Love them Hannah!!! Mrs. Zuber

  2. So great to see you on the other side of the camera. These are beautiful by the way. Can't wait to see the upcoming photos of Evie, she is such a cutie.

  3. So gorgeous! These photos really make your freckles show - love that ;)

  4. ooh ooh oohhh! Hannah, you are so gorgeous!! Love these!
    you picked a great outfit for the shoot too-totally YOU.
    can't wait to hear more. you'll have to pass onto me some of your new photog wisdom, okay? =)
    hugs from far away manitoba! -chels

  5. Your a natural Hannah!

    That's SO amazing that you got the opportunity to meet and work with Ariel Renae! I'm sure that it was an amazing learning opportunity for you :)

    P.s. I love your outfit... and your freckles :)

  6. love these! I have to agree with Kianna, I really love your freckles.

  7. How gorgeous! It's always fun seeing photos of the blogger/photographer.

  8. Love these pictures Hannah! I saw your reply comment! I was telling my older sister about you going on some trips (I know Allison Whisler) and told her that she commented on your blog, and what she commented. Then my older sister told me that you were like... best friends with Chelsey Bontrager, and I was doubly excited! I love that girl! She is amazing!
    Thought I would comment just to let ya know, and I would give you my email address but this is public, so I will just email you! :-) I don't know about working something out... But I will see! :-)

    1. Hi Olivia!!

      Thanks girl! That is awesome that you know Allison Whisler..I met her thru Bright Lights. And that is even more cool you know Chelsy-she is definitely amazing! Yes, email me-I'd love to set something up if you think it would work! :)



  9. Girl, these are amazing! Ariel is so talented and you are dropped dead gorgeous!

  10. These turned out gorgeous!!! I just love 'em. SO pretty =)

  11. Hannah, you are absolutely beautiful, girl...inside and out! Sounds cliche, but it's so true. :) These pictures are sooo beautiful and I'm so glad that you were able to meet up with Ariel! Much love and I'm super excited to see more pictures from your recent shoots. Have an awesome day, friend!


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