December : instagrams!

This past December was very relaxing, for the most part.
There were still busy days, but overall it felt much more chill than it usually does,
and for that I was grateful!

I will not longer be doing monthly instagram-recap posts, but I may still share a few of my favorite instas on here
from time to time.
You can always follow along online though, or find me - @hannahelisephotography!

How cute is this camera embroidery?! A friend made it for me..too adorable.
 photo IMG_20131211_180236.jpg 
I was thrilled to attend a local Nutcracker ballet with my dear friend, Amanda.
Oh man..the live orchestra and beautiful dancers--incredible.
I went several years back and was so happy to go again.
 photo IMG_20131208_010702.jpg 
I had an Old Maid card deck that I had fun putting on some blank Target cards I bought. :)
Barbara Bounce looks like quite the character..yes?
 photo IMG_20131211_124845.jpg 
Went out to Olive Garden with these lovelies one night..
oh goodness, we always have a hilarious and wonderful time regardless of what we do. :)
 photo IMG_20131212_204809.jpg 
Amanda made me this Christmas tree skirt as a gift for my Mom--LOVE how it turned out!
I sent her a picture of one I liked on pinterest, and boom! She made it. 
It is also reversible--and it was really neat how God helped me find the perfect fabric 
and mismatched vintage buttons at a local store.
 photo IMG_20131225_181351.jpg
  My friend, Kelsey, gifted me this awesome phone case..I just love it!
 photo IMG_20131212_155715.jpg 
A definite highlight from December was hosting an Older Girl's Winter Formal at my home!!
We had to reschedule the date due to some illness, so because of that a few people couldn't make it,
but almost everyone was still able to come!
SO much fun. :)
I sent out invitations in 'old english' type wording, and everyone could dress up as much as they wanted.
We had a fancy meal, cheesecake dessert, singing, a gift exchange, and fellowship in our cozy attic!
I was excited that I got to wear this regency dress I got for $2 last summer, 
plus I used multiple other items from score thrifty posts..cheers!
See--I do use the stuff I buy, for those of you that may be skeptical, haha. 
Back row: Michelle, Shelby, Sarah, Bekah, Laura (and baby!), Amanda, Nickie, Tia
Front: Ruth, Me, Emily, Grace & Annie
 photo IMG_20131217_234533.jpg
Cakeballs. Don't get me going on these. #glorious
 photo IMG_20131215_151730.jpg 
There was no shortage on mugs, or chocolate that I was blessed with last month.. :P
 photo IMG_20131224_104957.jpg 
Blurry photo, but this was when my family all went bowling right before Christmas..good times!
 photo IMG_20131223_180023.jpg 
Gunther and I took the boys to see Frozen as part of their Christmas gift.
I may be a little obsessed..Olaf! The fun songs! 
Seriously though, we could use an Olaf around here singing about summer.
Definitely one of the best movies with sound principles that Disney has made in awhile.
 photo IMG_20131216_212044.jpg 
Me and almost all of my piano students!
Every year I do a Christmas party/recital at our house, and its for the students only.
Which they love. :)
Each kid performed a Christmas song, and then we had snacks and played games.
I'm so blessed by the awesome children I get to teach and their families!
 photo IMG_20131213_220000.jpg 
Last year we decided that we were going to ditch the whole Christmas letter idea,
(if people want to know what we're doing, they can come visit us) :P
and just do a postcard!
We didn't get a family picture taken, so I just went with headshots of everyone.
I was really pleased with how these turned out, and it was so much easier to do!
 photo IMG_20131228_110635.jpg 
Oh, Jane Eyre, I loveth thee.
Charlotte Bronte had a serious gift with writing.
 photo IMG_20131229_180558.jpg 
The other part of my Christmas gift for the boys was cereal.
If you are in a large family, you will understand that if you ever have cereal in the house, it is gone.
Like 'gone-in-one-sitting' gone.
(and that probably means the milk is gone too) :P
Everyone enjoyed this, obviously. #cerealforthewin
 photo IMG_20131224_000235.jpg 
Guys, I've determined that I don't need a hope chest.
I need one of those PODS so I can buy and store all the cute stuff I want for my future children.
Also--why does Old Navy and Gap have to offer so many cute items?!
Seriously, going in there is dangerous.
And sadly no, I did not buy this adorbs poncho and booties. #restraint
 photo IMG_20131231_142400.jpg 
For some reason, it seems to be my lot in life that most of my favorite necklaces break.
I just got these two, and here's to hoping they stay intact!
And speaking of Hope, that word has been on my mind a lot lately.
I've never had a 'word-of-the-year' before, but I keep finding that word on objects, 
in Scripture, or in letters I come across.
That isn't a coincidence, and so I'm thinking that is now my word for 2014.
Maybe I'll blog more thoughts on this at another time. :)
 photo IMG_20131231_153843.jpg
hope you have an awesome Tuesday!

~H. Elise
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  1. I'm so sad the instagram series is leaving. :( And Jane Eyre is amazing! Like it better than most Jane Austen novels!

    1. I'd have to agree with you there!! it is amazing.

    2. I'd have to agree with you there! it is amazing.

  2. Beautiful photos. And I love your necklaces. :)

  3. It looks like you've been busy and having fun!
    I love the old maid card idea! And you can never have enough mugs and chocolate! Jane Eyre is the BEST! : ) Oh and have you ever read Wuthering Heights?

    1. No I haven't! Maybe at some point in the future. :)

  4. I shall miss your lovely monthly re-caps, but look forward to everything else - whatever you post is so beautiful and encouraging. :) Love recognizing so many sweet friends in these pictures! The winter formal looks so elegant and memorable. Love your awesome, cozy attic area! It was so fun discovering your fam's Christmas card in the mailbox - the postcard design is epic and you did a fabulous job. :) And, ah, that baby poncho is one of the cutest things! So sweet. All right - I shall stop my rambling! Blessings, friend.

  5. So many cute things: the hoop, phone case, tree skirt. Your family is beautiful and I love the post card idea! Looks like you had an awesome month/ end to your year. Love your word of the year, mine is cultivating as in my relationships. Blessings to you and your family this 2014.

  6. I really liked this post. :) December has to be one of my favorite months of the year. It's sad to think that it's the last instagram post/recap of December. :( I loved the picture of your Christmas formal. It looks like so much fun. Have a blessed New Year!


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