resolutions for april : personal

Already several days into April and I need to get this blogged--ahh!

Remember this post and how I said things were moving slow?
Haha well I can ditch that thought now because every day picks up more speed. 
Embrace the fun and craziness, right?! :)
 photo IMG_5228copy.jpg
Sidenote: before anyone starts dripping in jealousy that we have flowers blooming in Iowa--
you can calm down because this photo is from last fall. :)
All we've got is some of green grass that is growing, 
but after this brutal winter, I could almost cry over the sight of that..not even kidding.

Let's see how things went in March, shall we?


get up at 6:30 four days a week. Didn't happen.

- exercise three times a week. Bleh..didn't happen either.

keep my bedroom organized and maintained. Did a MUCH better job with this throughout March! My room never stayed flawlessly perfect by ANY means but I was a lot more conscious and pro-active about keeping things organized.


do a secret business project.  My family giveaway was [again] so fun to do! Thrilled to photograph the Hartwig family who won this year. :)

e-mail/touch base/schedule sessions with clients for this spring. Lots of sessions lined up and still fitting in more! My April and May are almost completely booked, so I'm now scheduling into June. Just a few days left to take advantage of my accordion album bonus, btw!

- update and enhance my website. Guys, I am probably the most thrilled about this goal right here. I have literally spent hours of work and time on my website last month, so I'd love for you to check it out! Definitely will keep refining things over time, but in the past it has basically just been a photo slideshow--so how it looks now is a huge improvement! :)

designate a 20-30 minute 'e-mail domination' time each day.  This worked so well and helped me be much more productive on my weekdays. E-mail domination for the WIN!! 

Okay April. Let's do this.


write one letter each weekday. My apologies for anyone thinking I've dropped off the face of the earth. I've got a serious mountain of handwritten letters to play catch up with. So my new game plan is to write one each day, Monday thru Friday until I get them all knocked out.

put in laundry, first thing in the morning. Starting a load of laundry is going to be one of my first-five-things-i-do-after-i-wake up this month. Let's be real -- nobody likes doing laundry, so we may as well do our dreaded tasks at the beginning of the day and get them over with. :)

get outside more. Yes, I am an outdoor photographer, but I seriously can do the hermit life pretty well. I honestly do not mind chilling in my room and working on stuff...all. day. Yep, true story. So whether it's exercising, walking around the block, taking more personal photos, or sitting on the swing--I am going to make this more of a priority!


30 minute e-mail domination each day. Since this worked so well in March, I'm doing it again in April. The fabulous Nancy Ray does this as a game--she writes down the time of day and number of e-mails in her inbox on a sticky note, and then working as fast as she sees how many she can knock out! Then she writes down her finish time and the number of e-mails she is down to! Such an inspiration. I did this recently and my start time was 10:32 with 113 e-mails in my inbox, and I stopped at 11:06 and was down to 56--YESSSS. "Being an e-mail ninja is key," she says, and I seriously am realizing how vital this is more and more. Also, speaking of Nancy Ray you all need to go read this awesome post she wrote--PREACH IT.

photograph several sessions!! Yay!! Cannot WAIT for these and others I have coming up in May. Man, I love this job so much.

blog 3x a week. Starting next Monday, be watching for three posts a week for the month of April! Woot!! I'll have a new score thrifty coming and other fun stuff. :)

What's on for you this month? Anyone have exciting plans?! 

~H. Elise
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  1. Boom! Look at you being all productive & stuff! ;) I'm with you on the need to be more active/go outside more. I think this winter has made me very comfortable with the sitting-on-my-bed-all-day life. ;) Here's to getting out and moving! ;)

  2. Glad you got your bigger goals accomplished! Many yays for that. :) Also, I had to laugh because I must be totally odd...I actually like doing laundry. Far more than any other household chore. Lastly, can't wait to check out your revamped website! Fun stuff. :)

  3. love it all, woman! You go for it.:) Love the email idea.....gonna try that for sure! Business and personal email inboxes could use this.:)

  4. You go girl! :) these posts are always very inspiring and motivational because...well, I need it a lot. ;)
    Can't wait to see the shoots that you do!

  5. now I am officially inspired. =) you are rubbing off on me...everytime I read your goal posts I am just...yes, inspired.

    see you t.u.e.s.d.a.y!! {happy dance}


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