announcing : a Hannah Elise Workshop!

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Well, I don't really know where to start this post, but I guess I'll start with last Sunday.. :)

I was Skype-ing with a good friend of mine, and randomly mentioned to her that I had some girls e-mail recently, 
and they were wanting to learn from me one-on-one.
My friend instantly responded with, "You should just do a photography workshop!"
And I thought, oh -- LIGHTBULB!
Because I wasn't exactly sure how to coordinate meeting with everyone individually,
and this way I could put a lot more time and effort into an organized, one day workshop.

I was excited about this, but also wasn't sure how complicated it could get organizing everything..
and if it would even work out and anyone would be able to come.
I just told the Lord that He would have to bring everything together to make this happen,
and this whole week I have been blown away as so many different doors have opened 
and God has dropped everything into my lap.

I don't claim to know everything, or 'have-it-all-together' with my business,
but we all learn and grow in our craft the longer we do it.
I just know for me personally, how much I have benefited from other photographers
who have been open and willing to share their experiences and skills with me.
My photography would not be what it is today without people like Jessica Shae, Cheyenne Schultz, Ariel Renae 
and countless others who I have learned from.
So if I can help others in the same way through this workshop, then it is totally worth doing!

All that to say -- I am hosting a workshop!! And you should come. :)

Here are the details: 

When: Saturday, July 26, 2014 -- 10 a.m - 7 p.m.

Where: Amana Colonies, Iowa
Who: this workshop is for girls ages 16-25, who are wanting to make their photography hobby into a business, 
or grow the business they already have!

Cost: $150.00 which includes:

- Brunch & Supper (please notice I listed this first just to ease your mind. :P there will be delicious food, people!!)
- Teaching and sharing on various topics, including : camera basics/shooting in manual, running a business from home, editing, posing, tips on photographing & working with families, finding shoot locations, marketing/using social media, etc., and LOTS of Q&A and discussion time, so come with any questions you have!! (Everyone who comes will also be sure to get some one-on-one time with me at some point in the day) :)
- Observe and participate in a portrait session AND family session! We will be doing 2 different shoots, and you will get to watch how I pose and photograph my clients, and also get to take photos of the awesome models yourself at these! 

You will need: dSLR camera, notebook + pen, laptop (optional) + an attitude excited about learning!! 
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If you are interested in attending, please e-mail hannah@hannaheliseblog.com to apply and for more info!
I am only accepting a limited number of girls, and several spots are already taken so contact me as soon as possible! :) 
Please only e-mail if you are serious about coming, as there is a chance that I will not be able 
to accept everyone who applies, due to size limits.
Once you have signed up, I will provide you with an itinerary and more details for our workshop day! Can't wait. :)

Also, feel free to contact me if this date doesn't work for you, 
but you would be interested in attending if I did another one in the future. :)

hope you all have an awesome weekend!!

~H. Elise

*edited to add -- workshop is now FULL!!
If you would be interested in attending another one in the future,
please still e-mail! :)
connect on


  1. Oh, Hannah!! This sounds SO exciting!! I only wish i lived closer! :) Hope it all goes well!! :D

  2. Hannah!!

    I have been waiting YEARS for you to do this. No joke. Ever since I started reading your blog I've been waiting for you to do a workshop- because you're relatable, and openly YOU. You're not a "posh" professional- you do what you love with passion and with all that you have to give. You make your clients your friends and are grateful for each one. You have relationships, not just a business. Not to mention your eye for anything awesome and artistic! Just a few of the things I admire about your photography!

    Needless to say, I would so.so.so love to be there. And it's kinda killin' me that I won't be able to. I was actually JUST thinking today, "I so wish Hannah would have a workshop"....and imagine my surprise when I got online and saw THIS! I just upgraded my DSLR and it would've been a perfect opportunity to "break" it in!

    If you ever plan to have one on a Sunday or any other day, PLEASE let me know! Unfortunately Saturdays never work for me, and I'll also be gone the whole month of September....you know, heads up in case you decide to do an autumn session. ;)

    Will be praying for you as you step out in faith for this exciting new adventure!!! <3 Sending lots of love and hugs your way!


    1. thanks so much for the encouragement, Toria!! I'm so sorry it doesn't work for you to come to this one, but hopefully down the road I can plan one for a different day and you will be able to make it!!

      xo - Hannah

  3. Please come to Nashville!! :) Sounds like a fantastic workshop and I wish I could be there. Wishing you success in this endeavor!

  4. you go, girl!! this is going to be so awesome...!!!

  5. Sounds amazing! Can you share some of your wisdom on the blog after the workshop for international readers?


    1. thanks Bianca!! I am sure I will keep doing "things I've learned" posts, and in those share some content that is from the workshop! :)

  6. Oh, that's so neat you're doing this! :) I'm sure this will be a blessing to many. I'd love to attend one of your workshops sometime in the future.


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