portraits of Toby, Gina + Aoife : iowa city, ia family photographer

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Last year I got to photograph this sweet little family for the first time..and it was a total dream session.
So obviously I was excited when Gina e-mailed me wanting to do photos again!

I just love Gina and Toby..super awesome people, and is little Aoife (ee-fuh) a doll or what?!
We had a lovely day to shoot these on, and I was super thrilled that I got to use the 35 mm for some of them.

A little back story on these first images --
I had a totally different location picked out for their shoot, and then a few days before the session
I found this killer garage door!
I asked the sweet old lady living at the house if she minded if I used it as a background for a photo shoot,
and although she thought I was nuts and had a fever (#photogfever) she agreed, after some convincing. ;)
Knowing what outfits they would be wearing, I texted Gina and asked if she minded switching their location,
as I had just found this new awesome one?!
She said she trusted my judgment and we went for it...and I just love how these turned out.
 photo IMG_7946.jpg  photo IMG_7988.jpg  photo IMG_7993.jpg  photo IMG_7998.jpg  photo IMG_8008.jpg  photo IMG_8023.jpg
Can't even handle her with those shoes..
 photo IMG_8028.jpg  photo IMG_8030.jpg  photo IMG_8032.jpg  photo IMG_8036.jpg  photo IMG_8041.jpg  photo IMG_8044.jpg  photo IMG_8053.jpg  photo IMG_8059.jpg  photo IMG_8095.jpg  photo IMG_8105.jpg  photo IMG_8130.jpg  photo IMG_8133.jpg  photo IMG_8145.jpg  photo IMG_8148.jpg  photo IMG_8174.jpg  photo IMG_8185.jpg  photo IMG_8189.jpg  photo IMG_8228.jpg  photo IMG_8248.jpg
Gina, you are so beautiful.
 photo IMG_8249.jpg  photo IMG_8257.jpg  photo IMG_8260.jpg  photo IMG_8272.jpg  photo IMG_8279.jpg  photo IMG_8298.jpg  photo IMG_8322.jpg  photo IMG_8327.jpg  photo IMG_8351.jpg  photo IMG_8354.jpg  photo IMG_8363.jpg  photo IMG_8373.jpg  photo IMG_8380.jpg  photo IMG_8382.jpg
Poor Aoife was starting to have a meltdown by this point,
but honestly these 'binky moment' photos at the end are my favorite...
 photo IMG_8403.jpg  photo IMG_8406.jpg  photo IMG_8410.jpg
 photo IMG_8416.jpg
 photo IMG_8419.jpg  photo IMG_8420.jpg  photo IMG_8423.jpg  photo IMG_8440.jpg  photo IMG_8445.jpg  photo IMG_8447.jpg  photo IMG_8474.jpg  photo IMG_8480.jpg  photo IMG_8483-2.jpg  photo IMG_8504.jpg  photo IMG_8517.jpg
 photo IMG_8533-2.jpg
 photo IMG_8526.jpg photo IMG_8535.jpg
~H. Elise
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  1. Gorgeous pictures!! You did a fantastic job, and I love the back story :) :)

  2. DUDE. YOU KILLED IT. That's all.

  3. Beautifully captured! I love that orange background! How neat! :)

  4. Wow, these are BEAUTIFUL, Hannah and Aoife couldn't get any cuter. :) Such a neat orange background. Gotta love orange. :) Have a great weekend! =)

  5. ***Ladies & Gentlemen*** She has done it again. This. Shoot. = STELLAR! Nice work Hannah - Praise God for the gifts He has given you my friend..... PS - how do ya feel about maternity pics in early Jan? Lmk if you have any bright ideas? W

  6. Hannah! I'm speechless. These are so emotional and a beautiful evidence of their love. :)
    Plus, you got some killer negative space in some of these shots! <3


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