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I have been meaning to post about this for awhile now -- I've started doing some mentoring for other photographers, and wanted to mention it more publicly here on the blog in case others would be interested!
I just love getting to meet new people, talk about their business and how to make it grow, photography tips + what I've learned over the years [i.e. what has worked for me, or mistakes to avoid!].
 I am so grateful for all the people that have poured into my life, and enjoy the opportunity
to provide the same for others!!

SO, I have a couple different options when it comes to mentoring and if you are interested
just shoot me an e-mail or send a message on HERE and I would love to talk more!!

+ $125, one-on-one Skype mentorship, which includes 2 hours of Q&A/discussion time on the topics of your choice!!

+ $150, in person mentorship (done in Cedar Rapids or Iowa City, IA at a coffee shop) which includes 2 hours of Q&A/discussion time on the topics of your choice, and 10-15 head shots of yourself, taken by me!!

+ $300, in person mentorship (done in Cedar Rapids or Iowa City, IA at a coffee shop) which includes 4 hours of time split between :  Q&A/discussion time on the topics of your choice, 10-15 head shots of yourself taken by me, and you will get to observe how I photograph a family or portrait session!!

Last fall I was asked to do some mentoring for a friend of mine, Ginny, and again this spring with a sweet girl from Illinois, Chelsea! I asked them to write a short review on their experience with it -- thanks ladies!!

"I have a few photographers that I really enjoy following and gathering ideas/inspiration for photography online, and Hannah is definitely one of them. I've really enjoyed second shooting with several different professionals and learning from their styles and preferences; but I had never done something like the mentoring session that I did with Hannah. But seriously, the time just FLEW by! We covered everything from pre-shoot prep, to processing, to posing and shooting, to branding, to packaging, and so much more. A new perspective on all these topics was very inspiring and helpful. She took the time to share tips & tricks and what has worked & what hasn't. Hannah provided an outline, websites that she uses, examples of packaging, business cards, paperwork/documentation, etc, and even a gift package for me. As part of the session, Hannah also provided headshots for me, which have been great for so many uses. (It was good to remember what it feels like to be on the other side of the camera!) If you're considering taking the time to pursue a mentoring session with her, I would strongly encourage you to DO IT! :) It is time well spent."
-- Ginny Liebert, Virginia Ruth Photography

[ see the head shots I took of Ginny HERE! ]

"My mentorship with Hannah really improved my photography. She answered all my questions, and was super fun to talk to. It was a great investment, she gave me tons of tips that I'll use for years to come. I would highly recommend a mentorship with Hannah!"
-- Chelsea Johnson, Skype mentorship

ALSO, I will be doing some traveling this summer, and am available for photo sessions / mentoring 
if anyone is interested, at these locations!!
I have a couple other states I will probably be coming to, and will post about those on my blog / social media once things are finalized...but for now, in July here I am coming to : 
I already have several sessions booked for these locations, so contact me ASAP if you would like to set something up, and we can talk more!! :)

And thank you all SO so much for the kind words on my new site!
Really thrilled that everyone loves it as much as I do, and be sure to go enter the GIVEAWAY
if you haven't got a chance yet!

Hannah Elise
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