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I feel like I haven't really blogged in a long time..
I want to blog more..I really love it and have things I want to share about
+ it's really therapeutic for me..looking forward to doing this more.

Some recent things to woot about..

+ I recently got my hair colored with highlights / ombre and have really been loving it..took some getting used to but I have really been enjoying it. For anyone local, if you're interested in getting your hair done -- message me + I'll pass on my friend Cassie's info!! She does beautiful work + is so nice.
Hazelnut creamer -- this stuff is BAE. We recently got a coffee maker + I've been making iced coffee a lot..so good.
+ Walmart jewelry -- this is basically a deathtrap..so much good stuff + so cheap..you've been warned -- going in that section.
+ Chipotle rice -- lately when I've gone there I've just been like "Hi, I would like a mountain of white rice.." #basically HASHTAG like the only reason to go there..
+ Chickfila Ice Dream -- I'm done with all other ice cream, guys.. Also, I would like my own personal Ice Dream machine.. which will probably never happen in my life -- but a girl can dream -- right?!
+ For King + Country -- been loving their music lately..we recently got to see them in concert -- oh my word, guys -- hands down one of THE coolest concerts I have ever been to in my life -- and that's saying a lot. Like I can't even..if you ever get the chance to see them -- DO IT. Some of my favorite songs : Run Wild, To the Dreamers, Without You, Long Live, Steady + I've gotten more favorites since originally typing this.
+ Anne of GG -- one of the most timeless movies in the history of ever. So good.
+ Random, but if you want some great videos to watch check out Lara Casey's page -- HERE (Faith Over Feelings + Impossible is Possible -- you should be able to watch them even if you don't have Facebook). Love Lara's heart..really good..I loved what Ari was saying about how you have to go through the hard stuff to get to the good stuff.
+ Hilarious tweets..(i.e. like THIS and others recently that have made me laugh) //  I met with a friend recently + she reminded me of a hilarious childhood story that had me dying..so great + like so good to laugh.

Some August goals + some of these will carry over into September here..


+ I want to blog some personal thoughts about grief..and that's about all I can say about that right now..
Guys, I recently tried to film on Snapchat why I dropped off with my Grandmother's passing + I could't do it… too hard. But anyways, I want to blog about this and share some thoughts with it..
+ Workout..I was on track with this + have been out of it for awhile -- I had an illness that knocked me down after my Grandmother's death and just haven't physically had the energy to do it..like mentally I have wanted to but my body couldn't keep up -- I'm doing better now + want to get back in with this.
Guys sometimes I can't believe all I've walked thru this summer here..between my Grandmother's passing, an illness, another relative that just passed away..it's a lot when you think about it.
+ Do stuff I like to do..like embroidery, or reading..it's good to have variety and other creative outlets with things..
+ Write out goals for the year -- I think I may have started on this but still haven't finished it..
+ Start school pictures project with my brothers..still haven't started this yet.
+ Practice photography..start taking 10 minutes a day to practice photography. Some of the best people out there are just so good because they practice their craft all the time + I want to be better about this.
+ Get back into my 365 project..I've fallen off with this again -- but it doesn't really matter + I'm just going to finish it whenever it gets done. I'm giving myself grace with a lot of things given how my summer has been here.
+ Start reading The Finishing School by Val Marie Paper. Excited about this book!!
+ Work on memorizing 1 Corinthians 15 -- haven't done this (well, I've done it a little bit) and I'm not ashamed about it…I've had a lot going on this summer + will get back into it at some point here.


+ Host my HANNAH ELISE INTERNSHIP this next week -- looking forward to this + the girls that are coming!! Going to be a great week!! You can see behind-the-scenes on my InstaStory this next week here --> @HannahElisePhotography!!
+ Mark days off for the fall here..I took a half day of vacation yesterday + that was really rejuvenating..I have issues with actually enjoying things sometimes haha -- I'm a very task-oriented / work-mode-mindset-person / have a lot of responsibility so it's hard for me to break away from that mindset and actually enjoy things. #selfemployedprobs #laughingcryingemoji Anyways, I'm going to block off days off for the fall here and I'm excited about this + will be really good.
+ Blog my Spring Models Shoot -- this is coming soon!! Get excited.
+ Get in the habit of "One Touch" with e-mails -- a friend recently told me about this idea from a podcast she listened to by a lady -- she basically has a "one touch" with things -- like you get your mail, go through your mail + you're done with it -- you look at your e-mail once + then you're done with it that day. I want to get in that habit with things, and not have e-mail run my life + love that idea of one touch with things. 
+ Blog a Score Thrifty -- even if this is kind of a different version than I normally do with these -- I want to get one of these up here.
+ Blog outfits series -- I was going to do a blog post awhile back with particular outfits I liked -- but then have kind of moved on from those..but I was thinking I might start a new series of just current outfit faves I like + do those every so often for fun + share style.. would anyone be interested in this??
+ Something I've been thinking about recently is how it's so cool how we can be the hands + feet of Christ -- like in that Matthew West song "I asked God 'Why don't You do something? He said 'I did -- I created you'" -- we get to be the movers + shakers and go do those things for Him + fill those needs. So cool..we get to be His extension of that + doing those things.
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What would you like to see more of on here?!!
I always love hearing from you guys on here -- so please comment below!!
Hope you guys have an awesome weekend!!
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  1. LOVEEEE your posts like this. So good to have you back blogging again.
    And that picture of yourself at the end? Oh my WORD Hannah. Like model status, totally!!
    I am way excited about seeing your outfit posts! Awesome idea-i for one am super excited for that!!

  2. Love these posts girl!!!! And you are gorgeous-- I seriously need to take hair lessons from you!! Praying for you sweet friend. xoxo

  3. Hannah,
    I can hear your voice in your writing and it is marvelous.
    Blessings, Elly
    P.S. I love your hair 😊

  4. Ohhh Hannah, your hair though!!! And, yep, seconding the outfit post! And excited for the spring models post! And go for it with your internship - I'm so excited for the girls attending to get to learn from you! On a more serious note, I've been thinking of + praying for you with your Grandma. The thought of being in your shoes really hurts. Hang in there. xoxo


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