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Since I still have some room for girls at my HANNAH ELISE INTERNSHIP this August --
 I decided to extend the deadline once more in case someone is still interested in attending!! :)
I'm stoked about the girls I have coming + would love to have even more be here for this!! 
If you're new here -- this is a girls photography internship that I am hosting +
is for girls who want to turn their hobby into a business or grow the business they already have!!
I would seriously love to have you come -- this will be an amazing experience for you 
+ super fun!!

I pour my heart into these + is going to be jam-packed with information for you!!
I definitely don't know everything about photography, but am really grateful to have learned a lot
after almost 5 years of being in business + doing 200+ photo sessions -- and love to share with you what I've learned over time + help equip you to get your business off on the right foot + succeed!!

**Applications due by August, 10th @ midnight CST**
**please save your application as a .pdf before sending + attach a picture of yourself!!

See what we did last year by watching this video or by clicking HERE or HERE!!

Sometimes last minute decisions are meant to be..
and I'm praying the right people will run across this or hear about it through social media!!
If you know of someone who would be interested that does photography -- 
would you take a second + e-mail them the link to this post?!!
Thanks so much in advance, guys!!

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Hope you all have an awesome weekend!! 
I'm looking forward to getting back with blogging again here soon..stay tuned!!
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  1. Hello! I’m really wishing I could take part, but won’t be able to this time. (Grandma died day before yesterday, it’s a several thousand mile trip to get to you, I’m about to start my second semester of nursing school in a couple days, and just got back in the country.) I hope it goes well for you though, and maybe one of these years I can come. It certainly looks like such a wonderful learning experience, and you’re one of my favorite photographers!


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