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I am so delighted to post this, and give you all a peek into the internship I hosted in June!!
Although I'm not sure where exactly to start this post, I guess I'll begin by saying the four girls who came to my internship were amazing -- Amanda, Faith, Megan + Karen blessed me so, so much.
I remember the first night laying in bed and thinking "I can't believe all these awesome girls are here for this"
-- they were just the sweetest and perfect to spend the week with.

some of my favorite moments : 

+ seeing the girls have light-bulb moments during teaching times..that was so fun to share things and see it click in their mind!!
+ laughing so hard at panera we were crying..that was a riot. :)
+ on Friday, I sat down with them each one-on-one and talked about what their strong points are in their photography and how to showcase those..and for some reason that is just one of my fondest memories of the week. I think it was partly because I had been with them each for several days and gotten to know them so well by that point, and I was super excited about the gifts they each have to use in their photography!
+ eating sour patch kids together and Megan's delicious trail mix  -- it's the little things in life, amen?! :)
+ seeing the girls grow from all my preparation..I spent hours and hours before the internship contacting model families, choosing restaurants, organizing details, typing out content, gathering photo examples, prepping gear, etc. and it was so worth it.
+ just getting to hang out, share about photography, learn together, and laugh with them..since I have all brothers, actually living with girls for a week was pretty great. :)

a HUGE thank-you to :

+ My family for all their assistance!
+ Amanda, for being so awesome and helpful!
+ Caitlyn Barkalow for shooting some video footage for me/taking pictures/helping out one night!
+ The families who modeled for us and killed it -- Lillis sisters, DeWitt family, Neesby's + Mitton's!
+ All who were praying or encouraged me with this endeavor, that meant more to me than you know!
+ God, who definitely orchestrated the weather, details and timing on things far better than I could have ever planned.
+ My intern girls, for driving out here to Iowa to attend this!! Seriously, they were the best.

My surprise that I promised along with this post was a video, so you guys can all get a more interactive view at what we did!! :) I'm no expert, but had fun shooting some clips throughout the week and piecing them together (along with a few Caitlyn shot) to make this!
Enjoy it in this post or check out on YouTube here for better viewing. :)

Below are a mix of Instagram photos, and other behind-the-scenes ones from my camera,
the girls, Amanda or Caitlyn!!

p.s. if you are interested in attending a future internship, please e-mail me and if / when I do another you will be the first to know about it! :) --> hannah@hannaheliseblog.com
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^^ some surprises for the girls when they arrived. :)
 photo IMG_20150603_112645.jpg
^^ you know you picked the right venue to host your internship 
when the owner makes you fresh rhubarb cake. 
 photo IMG_20150610_110815.jpg
^^ group selfie, the first night!
 photo IMG_20150606_160834.jpg  
^^ out shooting!!
 photo IMG_20150604_125755.jpg
^^no we're not moving in, just going out to lunch and apparently we need all this stuff?! :)
 photo IMG_20150605_130202.jpg 
^^ when there is a local hearth oven bakery, you get food from there..obviously.
it's pretty much the best ever!!
 photo IMG_20150608_092602.jpg 
^^ class time!!
 photo IMG_20150606_191238.jpg 
^^ so great getting to see my friend Emily and photograph her family!
 photo IMG_20150605_211312.jpg
^^ hitting up goodwill -- because friends that thrift together, stay together. :)
 photo IMG_20150604_140514.jpg 
^^ panera for the win.
 photo IMG_20150605_164019.jpg 
^^ I got each of the girls a Flourish Leather bracelet, because…umm, Flourish Leather.
 photo IMG_20150603_232432.jpg
^^ super grateful for my friend Amanda and all her help!!
 photo IMG_20150607_152010.jpg 
^^ last mirror selfie on the final day.
 photo IMG_20150604_224206.jpg
^^ group shot at a coffee shop where we did some class time.
 photo HEinternship2015-5.jpg  photo HEinternship2015-7.jpg  photo HEinternship2015-8.jpg  photo HEinternship2015-10.jpg  photo HEinternship2015-13.jpg  photo IMG_0326.jpg  photo IMG_0329.jpg
 photo HEinternship2015-23.jpg
 photo HEinternship2015-28.jpg
 photo HEinternship2015-25.jpg photo HEinternship2015-29.jpg
 photo HEinternship2015-31.jpg  photo HEinternship2015-33.jpg
 photo HEinternship2015-41.jpg  photo HEinternship2015-42.jpg  photo HEinternship2015-44.jpg
photography gets you in all different positions, haha..I usually lay down on the ground at least once every shoot. :)
 photo HEinternship2015-45.jpg  photo HEinternship2015-47.jpg  photo HEinternship2015-51.jpg
 photo IMG_1739.jpg
 photo HEinternship2015-14.jpg
 photo IMG_8711.jpg  photo IMG_1457.jpg
 photo DSC_0733.jpg
 photo IMG_1521.jpg
To more formally introduce you all to my interns, here is a bit about each of them along with links to their social media -- which you all need to go follow! They are rocking their businesses already and I'm so proud. :)
 photo IMG_1782.jpg
Megan came down from Ontario, Canada and I loved how joy just radiates from her!
She also is a fan of HGTV + shabby chic decorating so hellooooo kindred spirit!!
I am so stoked to see her business and branding grow, knowing her great aesthetic already!
check out her Instagram here --> @MeganChelseaPhotography 
 photo IMG_1842.jpg
 photo Karen-1.jpg
Karen from Illinois was the only intern I actually knew in person beforehand, and is the ultimate combination of fun, sweetness and genuine love. She is also super talented at making videos and I'm waiting for the day she starts her own YouTube channel and becomes famous so I can say I know her. :)
check out her blog --> HERE
and Instagram --> @KarenGracePhotography
 photo IMG_2004.jpg
 photo IMG_2141.jpg
Faith, also from Illinois, had me laughing with her dry humor from day one. :)
In her application, she mentioned as a kid getting a camera and using it so much it melted the batteries!!
I so appreciated her obvious passion for photography, and desire to use it to bless others.
check out her Instagram here --> @FaithLinellPhotography
 photo IMG_2116.jpg
 photo IMG_2274.jpg
Amanda is from Wisconsin, and is a total go-getter with radiating enthusiasm!!
She has a beautiful photographic eye, and I adore how well she connects with people.
I am thrilled to see how her work continues to grow!
Check out her website --> HERE
and Instagram --> @AmandaJoyImages
 photo IMG_2254.jpg  photo IMG_2267.jpg
Seriously, are they the cutest ever or what?! 
 photo CDB_5414.jpg
 photo CDB_5413.jpg
 photo IMG_2698.jpg
the Amana Colonies has some of the prettiest scenery out there..
 photo IMG_2914.jpg
 photo IMG_2867.jpg
thank you Caitlyn, for helping baby-wrangle part of the night!! :)
 photo IMG_9497.jpg
 photo IMG_2901.jpg photo IMG_2934.jpg  photo IMG_6871.jpg  photo IMG_3256.jpg
This shot of Emmett cracks me up -- I've got my treat box and capri sun, what more does a boy need?!
 photo IMG_3277.jpg
LOVE these girls...I would go back and do that week over again in a heartbeat -- so much fun!!
 photo IMG_3278.jpg
 photo IMG_3751.jpg  photo IMG_7919.jpg
photographer limbo anyone?!
I mean, how low can you go.. :)
 photo IMG_0039-1.jpg
 photo IMG_4579.jpg
 photo IMG_4586.jpg
  We did it!!! 
Give yourself a pat on the back if you made it all the way to the end, thanks for taking the time to do so!
And if you enjoyed this post or the video, would you please comment?! I would love to hear what you think. :)
Hope everyone has a beautiful Friday!!

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  1. looks like y'all had the best time. you're awesome for doing it!

  2. Looks like fun fun! :-) I'd love to attend sometime!

  3. This looks like it was SO GOOD! Just reminiscing today about last year's workshop, and so thankful that you take the time to generously share what you've studied and learned. Love you and the way you do things! <3 :)

  4. This is awesome, girlfriend!
    Way to go for pulling this off with class + style!! I'm sure the girls who attended just LOVED it.

  5. This brings back so many fabulous memories from the workshop! Looks like another absolutely incredible time of learning + growing + memory-making. :) I'm sure the girls were so blessed by all your hard work and joyful enthusiasm. Loved seeing this recap + the video!


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