of goal setting.

nothing like having a whole new year spread before you...
just waiting for exciting things to happen and become memories.
I'm working on a 2011 recap post, with many pictures you haven't seen (because I didn't start this blog till more than halfway through the year!), so check back for that soon.

on new year's eve, 2010, I was babysitting, and later on after the kids were asleep I wrote out goals for the new year (2011).
goals for me personally, spiritually, things like doing a senior recital, graduating from highschool, developing my piano studio, start a blog {!} etc.
and inspired by this post, I wrote out some far-fetched goals with my photography business.
specifically, what I wanted to shoot in 2011:
6 children's sessions.
help photograph 2 weddings. {which didn't end up happening, but at least I wrote it down} :)
4 families.
3 infants.

what I actually shot:
2 infants:
5 families.
more than 5 sessions of  kids' pictures.
here are a few from some of those sessions:

3 seniors (which wasn't even on my list!)
and other fun things like photoshoots with friends:

I'm so thankful for all my amazing clients I had this past year!

now that 2012 is here, I made new goals.
I want to really be stretched and grow this year, and therefore made some more, ridiculous goals, and probably unrealistic ones of what I want to shoot this year.
but I'm not saying what those are......you'll have to wait until the end of the year to find out. :)
some things I will share though, that are goals for this year are to:
read 30 books. {which is totally unrealistic...but, lets strive hard!}
post 4x a week. {don't know how realistic that is either}
new blog design/branding.
keep my room organized maintained. {because I can organize it, but keeping it that way is the issue!}
take a picture every day.
and I'm doing a different thing for each month:
jan : self-portrait.
feb. : food
march : books
april : mirror-shot
may : something in nature
june : water
july : facial expressions
august : my shoes/socks/feet
september : light
october : something old
november : something red
december : random {a picture of anything I like}

at the beginning of each month I'll be posting a few favs from whatever was my "topic" to shoot from  the last month, so you can look forward to that!

hope you've been making some goals yourself and actually writing them down so you can look back on them in the future!
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  1. Wow! I'm so proud of you! You went beyond your goals for 2011! Oh & I'm totally looking forward to new branding & new blog design! Woot!

  2. Goal-setting is one of the most powerful things you can do, both personally and professionally. They help to propel us forward. I don't think your goals are unrealistic at all. Rock on!

  3. Love it , Hannah! All of it! I never saw the picture Ellery took of us! I love that too! Maybe she will be your little apprentice someday! keep up the good work. I love good bargains, too. When I first started working as a PA, my goal was to find $10 skirts, that was almost 10 years ago......you're a girl after my own shopping ambition!


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