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Last spring was the first time I got to photograph Toby, Gina and Aoife, and it is always such a joy!!
This year I got to not only do some spring photos for them, but fall ones as well!
I love it when clients dress just as colorful as I do,
and then throw new urban locations in the mix + overcast weather -- that's a happy Hannah right there. :)
 photo IMG_7854.jpg
seriously, how cute is this girl?! I can't believe how much she has grown from the photos we did this spring.
 photo IMG_7862.jpg photo IMG_7876.jpg
 photo IMG_7873.jpg
 photo IMG_7898.jpg  photo IMG_7905.jpg  photo IMG_7918.jpg  photo IMG_7928.jpg  photo IMG_7936.jpg  photo IMG_7955.jpg  photo IMG_7960.jpg  photo IMG_7999.jpg  photo IMG_8021.jpg  photo IMG_8028.jpg  photo IMG_8035.jpg  photo IMG_8038.jpg  photo IMG_8043.jpg  photo IMG_8064.jpg  photo IMG_8070.jpg  photo IMG_8081.jpg  photo IMG_8104.jpg  photo IMG_8120.jpg  photo IMG_8144.jpg
 photo IMG_8164.jpg
 photo IMG_8166.jpg
I am obsessed with everything about this image..
 photo IMG_8169.jpg
We also went to another spot for some fall color -- really grateful the leaves were so pretty!!
 photo IMG_8188.jpg
and that pumpkin hat?! can't handle it.
 photo IMG_8205.jpg  photo IMG_8217.jpg  photo IMG_8224.jpg  photo IMG_8238.jpg  photo IMG_8242.jpg  photo IMG_8244.jpg  photo IMG_8247.jpg  photo IMG_8260.jpg  photo IMG_8268.jpg  photo IMG_8277.jpg  photo IMG_8291.jpg  photo IMG_8295.jpg  photo IMG_8298.jpg  photo IMG_8309.jpg  photo IMG_8337.jpg
 photo IMG_8398.jpg
 photo IMG_8404.jpg
 photo IMG_8409.jpg
 photo IMG_8384-2.jpg
we've got the binky moment thing DOWN, people.
[ the image below is from the spring :) ]
 photo IMG_8416.jpg
 photo IMG_8389.jpg
 photo IMG_8353.jpg
I just love how calm and serene these feel.
 photo IMG_8358.jpg
 photo IMG_8361.jpg
hope you all have a beautiful Thanksgiving!

~H. Elise
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  1. ahhh - these photos, Hannah! So peaceful + happy! Little Aoife is adorable!! Love the urban location + the colorful fall leaves! Some of the last photos are my favorite! :)

  2. Oh there are all nice, the colour really pops!

  3. So much color - LOVE <3 These are fantastic, Hannah!

  4. Such a cute family. :) I love how colorful Gina's outfit is and Aoife's pumpkin hat is adorable. You always do such a great job, your work is so inspiring!

  5. I LOVE this session! The colors + location and ohhh that darlin' hat!!

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