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Kayla is one of my dearest friends and she came into my life at a time at a time when I really needed it.. 
I don't think I've ever gotten that close to someone that fast.
We have a ton in common + I'm so grateful for her friendship.
Two summers ago were basically the glory days of us going around to garage sales and living it up..
it's amazing how a season passes + you don't realize what a gift it was until it's gone.
Wish I could go back to those days + relive it!!

It has been amazing to see how God has brought Michael into her life..
they were in Bible studies together -- and when we hung out we would talk about the interactions
she had with him, and try and figure him out based off all the different scenarios..haha.
I'll never forget the one day we were meeting for lunch at Pizza Ranch,
and she was DONE with him after a situation that had happened,
and a couple days after that he asked to court her --
sometimes God has been working in something + you didn't even see it coming like that!! :)

I'm so proud of who Kayla is as a person..love her honesty + beautiful heart for people..she is just an amazing person.
It has been awesome to see their relationship grow..
how perfect Michael is for her + how this is the next step for her in life..
can't wait to see how God uses them together!!

So happy for you, Chums -- and am honored to stand with you this weekend.
<3 Hans

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the porch where all their awkward conversations happened, haha.. :)

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  1. These photos actually take my breath away. I am amazed by your work Hannah! New bucket list item: do a shoot with you some day. :) :)


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