This past summer was really great.
 Sometimes when you pack more into your schedule it seems that much more longer and full,
and I have a lot of awesome memories from June/July/August of 2015.
 I know it's technically fall now, and my schedule is back to the
"trying-to-keep-my-head-above-water-and-not-turn-into-a-stress-ball" (seriously) time of year,
but I'm ditching the calendar for a minute and reminiscing over the past few months.
Honestly this was probably my best summer yet now that I think about it.
I'm really thankful for all the trips/friends/connections that were made, and how God orchestrated so many things.

At the end of May I got to second shoot a wedding with the fab Jessica Shae.
Years ago I went to her summer adventure and it was super fun to see her again!!
 photo 10985324_603811059758072_3598697259015854209_n.jpg
Hosting my first ever internship was so much fun..I'm looking forward to hopefully doing more of these down the road.
Such a good, good week. 
 photo 11391703_605761252896386_2779888522515930956_n.jpg
In June I found out the night before a wedding that I was going to be shooting it.
A local bride had her photographer cancel last minute and I really believe it was God's timing
as I had that weekend open, and it all worked out amazing.
You know that quote in the movie Bolt where Rhino goes, "all of my training has prepared me for this moment"?
Well that's how I felt. I had shot 3 weddings as the lead before, and second-shot 8 and I felt confident + ready
to step in and be able to serve.
It's amazing how God works.
And shout-out to my brother Gunther for becoming a photographer overnight (haha) and helping me out/second-shooting.
 photo 1795702_613634852109026_4765886957045643072_n.jpg
In July I got to go see my dear friend Ana in North Carolina + her sister Elisabeth.
These girls rock, they are so great.
 photo 2G6A8482.jpg
I know, HASHTAG dontyawishyouwerecoollikeus HASHTAG get on our level. :P
I'm totally kidding. We crack ourselves up. :)
I hadn't seen them in 2 years and it was awesome, and being that I only booked my flights 2 weeks before going it was one of those trips that was just meant to happen.
I haven't laughed that hard in a long time, and literally was crying and got chest pain one night, haha.
I got to do 2 shoots while I was there (travel sessions are like my new favorite thing ever -- see HERE + HERE),
and live it up with BBC, shopping, sleeping in, chilling, etc.
Seriously, getting to sleep in and take like 2 hours getting ready/curling hair just to go SHOP --
And Cookout.
Oh my word. I literally would fly back to North Carolina right now just to have one of their shakes.
I'm getting depressed right now thinking about it, so delicious.
 photo Screen Shot 2015-10-06 at 8.46.14 PM.png
getting to meet and hang out for a bit with Montana Pennala was super fun!
go check out her work --> HERE.
 photo 11693827_621519257987252_7556722537620513336_n.jpg
My friend Ana goes to Liberty University and one day we drove up there which was fun to see.
The only bummer of that trip was I got bit by something and came home with like THE worst chills/fever of my life, and thought I was going to die..no joke.
That was awful and knocked me out for about 5 days.
BUT that is over and done with soooo let's just focus on flashbacks to the gorgeous Virginia scenery!! :)
 photo IMG_9286.jpg
isn't Ana stunning?!
 photo IMG_9318.jpg
 photo IMG_9312.jpg
I am so thankful for her friendship..also the Facebook messenger app was basically made for us. :)
 photo IMG_9340.jpg
 photo IMG_9366.jpg
I know, again #dontyawishyouwerecoollikeus?!
 photo IMG_2812.jpg
And the party didn't stop after I went home -- like we started our own Facebook message group
and did a hairstyle challenge between the 3 of us, complete with our own theme song
and even after it ended we still send pictures to each other of when our hair looks absolutely FABULOUS (i.e. frizzy/bedhead/wackiest bun ever) because why not. :P
I'm refraining from posting those, sorry to disappoint anyone. :)

I went out to lunch one day with my Mom..talking without interruptions is not something
you take for granted in a large family. :) #lifewith7brothers
 photo IMG_2821.jpg
My brother and his wife Kari were back in July for a few days, always so nice to have everyone together!!
 photo IMG_2823.jpg
Fairgrounds/concerts/unintentional matching. :)
Also shoutout to whoever came up with these felt floppy hats, they're the best thing ever.
My friend Amanda and I have had so many adventures together.
At this point in life I'm pretty sure no one else "gets" me like she does.
I mean, after you've been friends for 10+ years and walked through this many hills + valleys,
there is a bond that will never be broken.
 photo IMG_2822.jpg
Every year we go to family camp and it is like the only week of the year that I don't open my laptop ever.
So that's kind of amazing. :)
When your biggest jobs for the day are to attend chapel, eat amazing food, and decide on an activity for the afternoon, it's pretty great.
Before camp I got to do an anniversary session and spend a few days with my friend Jennifer & her family,
who I've known for about 15 years which is crazy!
 photo IMG_2820.jpg
this lake view is the best..so calming.
 photo IMG_2818.jpg  photo IMG_2819.jpg 
After camp I was home for about a week and then flew to Indiana to see some friends,
and did a couple shoots and a mentoring session.
I met Kimberly & Kelsey four years ago when we all took a piano teaching course..
I've said it before but wow do I have a lot of amazing people in my life.
I feel really humbled + blessed by all of them.
 photo IMG_2816.jpg
Kelsey is one of my closest friends and always a huge encouragement.
 photo 11885391_638705239601987_7600864560757508132_n.jpg
Also getting to meet + photograph the Porter family was awesome, love them.
 photo IMG_2817.jpg
Between my crazy summer and Amanda's work schedule, it was awhile after her birthday before I got to give her this present -- a day trip to Galena, IL which is the cutest town ever.
  photo IMG_2814.jpg
selfie with some of the brothers..one of these is not like the others?! haha.
    photo 14309_610001182472393_1257671274220025093_n.jpg 
Well, obviously that isn't everything I did this summer but this post holds a lot of it,
and I hope you enjoyed a peek into some highlights!!
Do you have a favorite memory from your summer?
I'd love to hear what adventures you guys had -- please comment below! 

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  1. Such a great post! Yay for sweet summer memories like these and laughing-till-it-hurts with dear people. Also, YOUR STYLE. Gladiators, floppy hat, statement necklaces, overalls...talk about nailing boho loveliness & probably thrifting it all for pennies. :) Miss you!

  2. This was such a fun post and you are too pretty, Hannah! :) That's so neat that you had the opportunity to second shoot a wedding with Jessica Shae. I love her photography. :)

    -Haley @ http://www.photography4jesus.blogspot.com/

  3. This post is awesome, Hannah! ;) Loved reading through this and seeing the pictures! Looks like you had an amazing summer!!


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